I started a blog!

Maybe let’s start with the name of the blog.

For as long as I’ve had my own home (read: apartment), I’ve wanted everyone to take their shoes off at the door. With everything we are bound to step on outside, I can’t bear the thought of it in our home. When my son was born, it was the perfect excuse to finally enforce this rule! I always feel a little bad about making people take their shoes off, it can definitely be a pain (though I’m a barefoot person, so I do it anyway), but we have a basket of new socks for visitors to wear and keep so I hope that diminishes anyone’s annoyance.
I also thought it was an appropriate name for this blog because the most important thing to both my husband and me is that our home is open and comfortable for visitors. I will hopefully post some pictures soon of our apartment, but you’ll see that we go for space for friends over beauty (though we try for some of that too).
One day I hope that we can afford a house and to furnish it as we wish, but as for now we are a mainly IKEA residence. It frustrates me at times, but I think we were successful in making it our own. I hope you’ll agree!

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