Requisite overly long brag about my son post

Another reason I wanted to start a blog is to record milestones and anecdotes from daily life that I tend to forget.
At this time, Aiden is 13 1/2 months and a GENIUS! At least as far as I’m concerned. He is playful and happy and such a pleasure. His vocabulary increases every day and his understanding astounds me. He’s got a ridiculous grasp on body parts (pun most certainly intended, he mauls me daily). He knows eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, belly/tummy, knees, toes, and fingers. I don’t even know how! This is in addition to his large animal vocabulary and of course, he likes to comment on what I am wearing. Like this morning, when he pointed out that I was wearing “gasses”, a “hat”, and “soos” (shoes). He’s on top of things like that.
I also love that he is so TALL. He is 2’9″, and not as fat as I would like, though his lil’ belly is just perfect in the bath.
I think I’m done for now, but prepare for more.


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