List Lust

I loooove lists (fantastic exhibit at the Morgan) and here’s one of things we want to do in the apartment, though I don’t know that it’s all realistic:


bench for shoes 
hang round mirror
put up hooks for everyday things (we got three from Anthropologie)
runner (really doubt that’s gonna happen)
storage for stroller
new light fixture (also doubtful, but would make me happy)
hang up mirror that’s been leaning against the wall for a year (only sort of really super embarrassing)

dining room table (cheapo purchase from craigslist)
dinding room chairs (from west elm)
cheap alternative to console (really really wanted a real one with storage but they’re so expensive)
light fixture (it was going to be my birthday prezzie, but hubs decided to get me a beautiful ring instead because he noticed me eyeing a ring of my sister’s)
paint the table (probably black, but not certain)
round corner table to replace the cardboard-like one we have now (a hand me down from parents, which conceptually I love, but I think we need something sturdier)
hang up mirror above “console”
hang up drawing we got on our honeymoon to Barbados

random room next to kitchen:
create counter space to make up for utter lack in kitchen
put up pot racks

put up open shelving
put up last shelf (we seem to have somewhat destroyed the wall where we need to screw it in)
find the rug from world market and put it there to stare at every day!

paint (crossed out because we decided against it, not because we did it)
bench or little kitchen cart  (we went with bench b/c we don’t need the cart with the shelving and we like that it’s pint-sized enough for Aiden to enjoy)

shelves for cookbooks (picture ledges?)
solution for towel storage (we were thinking something like these baskets from CB2 but they’re too wide by an inch and we haven’t found something comparable yet, also I prefer something like this)
better cooking utensil storage (right now they’re on the heater and I don’t love it)
small recycling bins to go in a lower cabinet (which we can now leave open thanks to shelving in random room)

living room:
add to storage
L shaped couch 
area rug 
arc lamp (I have been wanting this one for 3 years)
put up curtains
make or buy valance
mount tv to wall
hang up pictures
hang up picture ledge above tv
prettier storage for Aiden’s toys

our room:
chair for my great grandmothers desk (our IKEA one was fine for our IKEA desk, but doesn’t fit/work with this one or with our room)
DIY headboard
carpet (pipe dream)
all decor (I can’t even think about it for now)

Aiden’s room:
expedit for storage
storage solution for aiden’s old clothes because we have no long-term solution for what he outgrows
side table
paint hand-me-down dresser (or get someone to trade for it with the promise of a return if we ever have a girl. hint, hint SB)

de-feminize other dresser (i reeaaallly don’t know what I was thinking, but hey, I was preggo. we need to change those handles and paint or sell it and get something that makes more sense)
curtains to keep out light
put up light fixture ($20 from UO and I luuurve it)
put up pictures
family tree idea(?)
kid-height hooks and bench (?)

I think that’s it (HA! “that’s it” I scoff at myself) I’ll try to keep updating as we do things, wish me luck!

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