Organizing Old Baby Clothes

I’m always looking for inspiration on organizing old baby clothes (or since my one was born 14 months ago). For those of us with limited storage space and/or no long term storage space, it can be a challenge. Here’s something I saw on little moth, it’s more a picture of a beautiful baby closet and not long term storage but I like it a lot especially the wallpaper in the back.

Re: storage, you can use the lower one for current clothes if your baby/kid is old enough to reach the clothes or dress him/herself or the other way around if the top one is more convenient for you and then the top shelf can hold boxes or bins of old things (labeled, of course Brother PT1290 Home and Office Labeler yes please) and the bottom shelf can hold smaller current things, maybe shoes, socks, and hats. Then there’s always the floor for more boxes or bins!

It shouldn’t be too hard to do this in your own closet, even if it’s very narrow. Tension rods are easy enough to install and your local home depot can probably help you figure out how to put in a shelf. As for bins and boxes, there are adorable ones everywhere! I constantly find myself trying to justify why I NEED a bin for Aiden’s room. I usually hold myself back, but once we get the room painted and put in the Expedit, watch out Land of Nod! (BTW they are having a 20% off EVERYTHING sale, just type in “BUDDY” at checkout)

And there are always the good old sweater shelves, easy to find, easy to use.


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