wallpaper of frames

Once again, I bring up Young House Love but this time it’s to squeal like a five year old over the best notification e-mail I have ever gotten: Sherry Petersik (who writes the blog with her husband, John) commented on my pin on Pinterest! It was basically dedicated to my love for them and I tagged Sherry juuuust in case it would get her attention and it did! Sigh of happiness

I also bring it up because I like the wallpaper of frames idea:

Obviously our entryway is bite-sized compared to this, but it goes with the gallery idea we were playing with. I don’t see why we couldn’t, unless it would be too overwhelming to walk into because it’s so narrow…we could definitely give it a shot, though I don’t know when because it’s on such a long list and it feels like it takes forever for us to do anything! Tuvia (the hubs) won’t let me drill or hammer for two reasons: 1- it’s his thing and he likes that it’s his thing and 2- let’s jut say I’ve tried my hand at it before and then my hand hurt

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