Too Ambitious?

We have a closet in the hallway to our guest bathroom/ Aiden’s bathroom and right now it stores extra medicine/bathroom supplies/winter clothes/suitcases/electronics we’re not using. The system works pretty well, but I think we can make it better.

We also have an armoire that we used in our first apartment because we had such a tiny closet in our bedroom and we needed more hanging space. Right now it’s sitting in a convenient corner in the hallway between Aiden’s room and the closet and it houses linens, extra blankets, towels etc.

Using this image for inspiration, I think that it might be nicer to put in more shelves in the closet and lay out our linens like this:

And then in the armoire, there’s plenty of space above the drawers for our suitcases. Our linens will be easier to keep organized and easier to find and the suitcases will be easier to get to. Of course, as always, this depends on the willingness of the hubs to take on the project of measuring, getting the wood, getting it cut, and installing it. Let’s see what he says once I get him a bag of m&m’s…. (his convenient weakness, along with offering to do the dishes)

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