When it’s good, it’s GOOD (warning: not design relevant)

Earlier this summer, while I was taking a course called “Art in NY” (most incredible class ever btw), a classmate told me about an internship she participated in the past year called Learning Through Art at the Guggenheim. I applied and was thrilled to get a response and request for a phone interview right away, which I thought went soooo well. They asked me to come for a group in-person interview and I showed up….TWO WEEKS EARLY! WHO DOES THAT? And I’m usually such a detail-oriented person (or at least I was pre-pregnancy). Then during the group interview, everyone sounded just as qualified, if not more and I was absolutely certain that I had messed up the opportunity.

Fast forward a couple weeks to an interview for an internship at the FIT Special Collections and Archives Library/Museum. The responsibilities are very closely related to what I want to do and it’s a fantastic opportunity to learn new things and try things in a safe(ish) environment. I get to be with old/rare books, manuscripts, and magazines (including the first ever Harper’s Bazaar, which even Hearst publications doesn’t have a copy of), get a dose of the day to day activities I would be expected to be familiar with in an entry level job in this field and …the best part…I am in charge of mini exhibits throughout the campus! They offered me the internship on the spot and 1- having not heard from the Guggenheim and 2- considering the practical responsibilities each internship offers and how relevant they are, I accepted.

Already in a fantastic mood, I receive an e-mail this morning that I got the Guggenheim internship! I’m not taking it, but boy does it make me feel better. I’m terrified that I won’t get a job, or that I will, but not something I love and want to do. This makes me feel like I have a shot. Let’s hope!


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