I’m back!!

It has been a super long time since I last posted, but I am determined to make a comeback like the Hess truck (better than ever!)
I have just recently finished my internship at the library and am really sad that I won’t be spending three days a week amongst beautiful old things, not to mention the beautiful not old people I worked with, but it’s so nice to be so close to vacation!

Tonight was my last presentation and other than a couple of assignments due for my internship course (taken in conjunction with any internship at FIT) I am DONE with Fall 2011!!!
One more semester and I graduate! Exciting and terrifying! It’s taken so long to get where I am and it’s been a hard journey, but it’s scary that it’s coming to an end because next comes the job search. I hope to record the whole process fully and honestly, probably not so exciting for others, but I think that I’ll appreciate the record of my journey later in life when I laugh at how stressed I was (will that ever happen?)


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