Spring internship

I thought I’d start off my “comeback” with a record of my internship search.

I applied to a variety of places for several reasons: I want different experiences within the art world, I’m not 100% sure where my skills will best serve, and I really want a good internship so variety might help that.

I’ve applied to the Guggenheim and the Children’s Museum (museums, obviously), Christie’s (auction house), and unofficially the Liz O’Brien gallery.

I interviewed with Christie’s first and before the interview I wanted it so incredibly badly and it felt amazing to walk into Rockefeller Plaza into Christie’s. I thought I tanked the interview with the extremely nice (and honest) Stephen Jones. He told me that it would be “hell on earth” and the amount of hours I would be expected to work. Honestly, if I didn’t have two full days of school next semester and a husband and son, I would have taken it. It’s an incredible opportunity and hard as it would have been, I’m sure I would have learned so much and been so proud of myself. However, the reality is that the hours would not be conceivable if I also want to keep up my grades and spend time with Tuvia and Aiden. I was thrilled to be offered the position and it was such a hard choice, but I turned it down.

I followed up with the Children’s museum and based on what the super friendly David Rios told me, I’m pretty sure they’re not interested. I don’t know if this is why, but I can’t give 3 days a week, only 2 and he mentioned that they wanted more. Either way I haven’t heard from them since, but I don’t know that I want to stalk them.

The Guggenheim is really a dream of mine. I love their art, I love their program, their internship has a fantastic rep and not to be too cliche but Frank Lloyd Wright!!! When I got an e-mail asking for an interview my heart was pounding so hard with excitement, I thought I might faint. My first choice was curating and the interview was for marketing but it was still extremely exciting! I’ve been known to be a bad judge, but I think I messed up the interview. For one thing it was on the phone and I have such bad hearing! Also, I got flustered more easily and when questions came up that I should have prepared better for, I blanked. I gave such a bad example of what I was doing in school and I’m pretty sure I sounded flighty. I’m so much better in person! (At least I think I am.) I’m still awaiting their decision and am too nervous to hope that I got it, but if I did I would be thrilled!

The Liz O’Brien gallery is where my sister interned and she loved the whole experience! From everything she said and from what I’ve seen I would love the chance to intern there. The only thing holding me back from pursuing it harder is that I’ve interned at a gallery before and I want to broaden my experiences, but if the Guggenheim rejects me then I would LOVE to intern there.

Alright, that’s it for now, I will update when there’s something to update!


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