Still waiting to hear back from the Guggenheim re: the marketing internship…

Last night I threw a chanukah party for my fellow AHMPers (art history and museum professions formerly known as visual arts management) and besides being fantabulously fun, I got a fantastic bit of …information shall we say.

Last summer I applied to the Guggenheim’s  Learning Through Art program, an incredible program that not nearly enough people know about. Seriously, look it up. I described the experience in a previous post, basically I turned it down because it wasn’t right at the time, but it is something that I believe in and would love to be a part of. Michelle Azout interviewed me for the position and she was incredibly friendly and personable and my friend Gaby needed an internship for the Spring. She’s adorable and great with kids so I put them in touch with each other and Gaby had her interview yesterday (good luck, Gab!) Anyway, she told me that Michelle mentioned that they have two available positions and I’m hoping that I can have one of them! I’m a little conflicted with the marketing vs. education thing, but I’m going to take things as they come with this one. By tomorrowI should know about the marketing internship and that should help.

I’m still really excited to meet with Liz O’Brien and check out this gallery I’ve heard so much about. I will let you know when I do 😉

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