Oh, what a morning!

I cannot believe how wonderful/agonizing this morning has been!

I’m gonna backtrack for a second here: I’ve been agonizing over Aiden’s room and what color to paint it, how to do the layout, how to decorate etc. since before he was born but especially in the last year while we’ve been living in Forest Hills. This morning a painter came to paint his room! My inspiration is below:

I thought that a darker blue was less predictable than a light one and it’s more modern and sophisticated so he can grow up with the color and not get sick of it. Tuvia and I painted our dining room ourselves and it was therapeutic for about a minute and then we hated it, so this time we gave in and got a professional. Not to say that ours is not a professional job:

(try not to notice the splotch on the ceiling)

I just peeked in at Aiden’s room and it looks really dark and like a lego and not like I thought it would at all and I am so nervous that I’m going to hate it! It would be such a shame after all this time and effort, not to mention the money for a real painter! I’ll post pictures when everything is done and the furniture is put back in place (though I’m still not 100% on the layout either). I took hasty pictures this morning when Aiden’s room was a mess. This is the only pre-painting one I can bear to share right now:
This is the only post=painting one I can bear to share right now:

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