When it rains, it pours!

I just said no to two internships this morning! But, more importantly I said yes to the Guggenheim Learning Through Art program!

To make a long story short, within two minutes I got e-mails from the Guggenheim marketing internship and Michelle at LTA both offering an internship. I think that education is my calling more than marketing and to be honest, I really like Michelle so off I go starting January 24th! (This all sounds like I haven’t been agonizing over it since I first thought it was a possibility but I really think this is the right decision)

I had to e-mail the Liz O’Brien gallery and cancel our meeting next week and I felt terrible about that. They have been nothing but wonderful and I hope I haven’t cut that tie! I think it would have been lovely, but museums are my real calling and I didn’t want to say no to that.

That’s the end of the Spring internship search. Now on to the dreaded….JOB SEARCH!

Have you looked for a job lately? What’s the best advice you’ve gotten in your job search or whats the least helpful thing people tell you?

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