Arts and Crafts = happiness

Today was wonderfully full of a DIY project with my sister. Awhile ago I had gotten Pottery Barn Teen 3D flowers for her girls’ fabulous room and today we hand painted some branches to put the flowers on.

Look at this room, I love it!

As the girls say, they like to look at something while they go to sleep. The paint has to dry before the flowers can go up but I look forward to an update from the sis! Here are some progress pics:

me in my ginormous sweater, free-handing the branches, I’m not pregnant, that’s the light from a lamp
My niece adding in her talent
The other twinkie (see Shosh, I ended it with “i” “e”)
My sister finishing the branches
I had so much fun and while we are at Benjamin Moore to get a sample of paint (my brilliant sister’s idea), I got white semi-gloss spray paint for the mirror frame and perhaps the nightstands in our bedroom! Apparently the key to painting IKEA furniture is using primer and LOTS of drying time.
Have you painted a mural on your wall?  Did you end up liking it?
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