Squishy Update

Part of what made today so wonderful was all the advice from my sister for Aiden’s room. So here’s the plan including the new stuff (subject to change, of course):

  • we want to find a large sisal rug with a border (blue?) for a reasonable price
  • put up white roman shades which we already have but we will add navy grosgrain ribbon trim
  • get a white nightstand
  • get a lamp for the nightstand
  • put up the pendant over the rocker that we got for super clearance from urban outfitters a long time ago
  • put up wooden letters from Hope Depot or Michael’s that we paint white over Aiden’s crib
  • put up the ikea spice racks for books in Aiden’s reading corner
  • put up art/decor
  • get boxes for the expedit that have a natural feel to match the rug and light
  • striped bedding (brown and cream/white?)
There might be more, but that’s what I’ve got right now.
Have you recently (or not so recently) decorated a nursery? What was your favorite thing you did?

2 thoughts on “Squishy Update

  1. you might be able to find a wooden nightstand for cheap (or free) on craigslist and paint it white. it may need a tad of sanding, but youll probably have to do that for the letters anyway, and you'll already have the paint.

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