Babysitter Search

We have a wonderful babysitter who (whom?) we absolutely love , but since she is Jewish and Sabbath-observant (as are we), she’s not always available for when we need her. So I’m doing one of my least favorite activities, searching for someone to watch Aiden. I’m using because I’ve had good experiences with them in the past, love that I can do a background and ID check, and I got a discount in an e-mail.

I am so frustrated by some of the applicants and I just want to tell them why I am clicking on “decline” instead of “mark as interested”. Other parents may be different, but here’s my rant:

  • Include a picture! When you don’t, I get suspicious.
  • It’s okay if it’s just you, but what I really want to see is you with a kid. Undeniable proof that you’ve at one time been in contact with one for long enough that someone took a photo.
  • I am not hiring you to manage my company, I am asking you to watch my son. Don’t send me a message saying “Dear Hiring Manager” and stop sounding so robotic and lifeless, I want to see your personality! Will you be a good fit for my kid? For us?
  • When I write in the job posting that I need you for let’s say, Mondays, don’t respond with a caveat that you can never work on Mondays. Read the post!

These are the things that get to me the most, but I’m sure there are more. Do you have any tips on hiring a babysitter or pet peeves during the process?


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