Growth Chart for the Giant

One thing we have always planned to have in Aiden’s room is a growth chart. We spend an unusual amount of time every day talking about how tall he is (and recapping every cute/ridiculous thing he did that day. Seriously we can spend hours imitating him, it’s a problem).

We’ve been going back and forth about whether we should buy something or do it ourselves and while I LOVE anything that’s handmade and the personal effort/meaning when we DIY, I’ve been eyeing this chart on etsy for awhile


You can get it in a variety of colors, but I actually like it in orange because I think it’s a cool contrast for the dark blue and without planning it, we have orange incorporated into his room and this might pull it together a little more- speaking of which, I should really post pics of his room with the new layout and dun du du dun new carpet!

Have you ever been torn about doing buying something when you can conceivably make it yourself?


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