Homeless Gerstein Bowl

My in-laws recently came back from a trip to Israel and brought us a beautiful David Gerstein bowl.

Gerstein is a contemporary Israeli artist who I was first introduced to when I interned at the Eden Fine Art (http://www.edengallery.com/) gallery on Madison and 50th. I like some of his public space art like “Butterflies Flight”  (this image does NOT do it justice)



Some of his wall sculptures really make an impact when you see them in person like some of his brushstrokes series


Anyway, we love the bowl- how colorful it is and how thoughtful the gift was, but we can’t figure out where to put it. It’s a bowl, but we’re probably not going to use it as a bowl unless we stick a bunch of lemons (?) in there for decoration. We have the option of putting it on the wall as art, but we don’t know where- we would want it on a white background to get the most out of the color. We can also put it on a stand on a bookshelf or something, which seems like the frontrunner at this point.



4 thoughts on “Homeless Gerstein Bowl

  1. why not in the white nook in the dining room? Seems like a great place to show it off. Anyway, if you had told me about THIS, we would have hightailed it over for dinner (well me, anyhow).

  2. I think you should display it by threading a ribbon through some of the nooks and tying it under your chin, while positioning the bowl on your head (with or sans lemons depending on the utility factor), a scalpbowl or more commonly referred to as a scowl …Alternatively, have you considered getting some funky wires or material and looping it from a hook in the ceiling? A ceiling centerpiece (with the interior of the bowl facing the floor of course)? With the right light focused nearby it can have a really neat effect when people look up…or just put it on a shelf 😉

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