Fashion Fun Fact

Have you ever heard of Princess Irene Galitzine? Me neither until about ten minutes ago. Turns out she was a Russian-Georgian-born fashion designer whose most renowned creation was the “palazzo pyjama” (wide legged evening trousers made of soft silk).

I came across this image as I was updating the Bergdorf Goodman collection on Flickr for FIT’s Special Collections and Archives department and I could not figure out the designers signature. Was it Galityno? Galityne? I googled it and it took a good bit of sleuthing and direction from the department head, Karen Cannell, to discover that it was Galitzine.

silk gown with chiffon cape

I obviously had to look her up and I thought it was really cool that she was a princess. You can learn more about her at

In other news: this is my 50th post! I was a little hesitant to have any sort of milestone that was not about what this blog is supposed to be about (interior design for those who have forgotten), but I really wanted to share this tidbit and there will be plenty of other milestones to worry about.

Thanks for visiting!


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