The Master List

I feel like I should’ve added an evil “mwahahah!” to the title because anything that has master in it deserves an evil laugh.

Moving on…below is the ultimate overall total and complete list of everything we want to do in our apartment.

We want to limit most of our improvements to things that we can bring with us when we eventually move (the thought makes me hyperventilate a little, that’s a whole ‘nother post). The list will also include things that bother one of us (the hubs) and not the other (me) or that don’t really bother either of us so much and we might never do, but it’s our master list so we thought we would include everything we could think of.

So here it is:


Master Bedroom

-window covering for the French door that leads from our room to the porch

-install the curtain pull-backs (we already have UO ones from our old apartment that we got on sale)

-put up boards (dry erase, cork, and chalk perhaps) and shelves above desk so we can finally get it clear and use the surface!

-desk chair (not high on the list, we can make do with what we have for now)

-make headboard (HIGH on the list)

-put up picture rail above headboard

-install sconces so that our lamps don’t take up ALL of the nightstand

-make painting for above the chair (as per hubs request)

-make (pshaw, get made!) a bedskirt with extra material from headboard

-put up various art we have collected over the years that has been leaning on the walls

-the IKEA light fixture that I posted about a little bit ago

-put old files into a box that I can easily fit in my closet and get rid of the file cabinet- I don’t know much about feng shui, but I’m sure this is messing it up plus it doesn’t look like it fits

-sell one of our dressers and get a wide one instead

-eventually one day maybe perhaps redo the curtains on our windows because they don’t block enough light (I don’t mind that much, I kind of like the soft light in the morning)

Aiden’s Room

-put up all the art! This one is getting to me and I can’t wait until we finally do it and I can put up pictures of

the new layout, the new carpet, and the finished room!

-install another rod in his closet (we can use the one from a hallway that we don’t hang anything on)

-switch blinds to roman shades (the blinds are from our old apartment and are dark wood, making his room even darker)

-put up the pendant from Urban Outfitters that we got for $20 right before we moved to Queens

-get nightstand(?) we’re not sure that we need/want one, but we want guests to be comfortable and have a readily available lamp and surface to put water or magazines or whatever we deem necessary for that guest

-switch dresser. This is also something we’re just toying with right now. The dresser is beautiful, but a little feminine and we think it makes more sense to have one he can grow with, while this one barely fits his clothes at this size. We don’t want to lose the dresser though so we’re thinking of keeping it at my mother’s house and fill it with baby supplies/clothes so the next kid who has a baby knows where to get stuff. I don’t mean something like the dresser on the right, I just like how neat it looks and the art above it.


-bookcase for school miscellanea

-move over posters in hallway (the placement won’t make sense once the bookcase is there)

-install shelves in closet just like our old apartment (I miss that closet…sigh)

Random Room

-paint the play kitchen white and paint a small chalkboard swatch for Aiden’s grocery lists and messages from Elmo (they’re besties)

-put up some sort of low wall storage for Aiden’s art supplies and play food

-bar stools (they’re on the way from Joss & Main!) 

Living Room

-put TV on the wall

-put up picture rail

-finish putting up art

-new curtain rods (purely for Tuvia, I don’t even notice them)

Dining Room

-seal table (no idea how to do that, must research)

-install timer

-hang up round mirror

-install chandelier that Tuvia’s parents gave to us that they used to have hanging up


-figure out better towel storage

-recycling (right now it’s in the random room, but that’s where Aiden plays so I don’t love it there)

Front Hallway

-put up all the art!!!

-hang up mirror

I’m sure there’s stuff we missed and stuff we won’t do, but that’s it for now!

Sometimes I wish I didn’t care so much about keeping things functional and pretty, but when everything is done it feels incredible to come home to rooms that make me happy and that work 🙂 (emoticon for emphasis)

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