Armory Update



Beyond the fact that this is an art fair of the highest caliber, it is a fair of my favorite art (modern and contemporary) and I will get to see some of my favorite artists work in person (somehow different than a museum) such as Picasso, Warhol, and Chuck Close and some of the actual artists! Alive! In person!

They changed the layout, but it looks fantastic. It’s very organized and easy to navigate and there are 14 different lounges if you must…lounge….or grab a sandwich…or network with all the other big shots that will be coming.

My only regret is that I cannot go booth to booth and to every visitor checking in and say “Hi, here’s my resume, I look forward to working with you at your museum/gallery”. Seriously, these are the bigwigs. I better bone up on my curator/dealer faces.

I’m a little nervous about the amount of knowledge we have to retain and impart, but logically I know that I’ve got it and it’s going to be wonderful. What’s also really nice is that every single person I have met so far in conjunction with the Armory Show has been lovely.

Incidentally, the friend that pulled me in on this is DJ Peter Napoli, check out his Facebook page for remixes that make you move!


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