Embracing the Pooch at the Armory Show

Yesterday was my first day as Armory intern. As far as the show goes, I can’t give you much insight because I was at the door the ENTIRE time! I got there, I was put at the door to greet people, hand them a map/show guide, and answer any questions. Apparently I did a good job, because I was never moved to another position.

Dale Frank painting at the ArtForum Lounge at the Armory Show

I spent most of the time trying to guess who it was that I was handing a map to or asking where to get an artist badge (“which artist are you?” was what I wanted to ask, but that would be less than professional because I didn’t need to know to direct him or her). It was VIP day so I thought that I might get a nice celebrity sighting, but if I did, I certainly did not realize it.

I even spent some time Tuesday night looking at pictures of major curators and dealers so that I might recognize them if I saw them. I am sorry to say I did not, but I did see my professor from last semester, Elizabeth Grady, who I absolutely loved. She basically taught us everything we had wanted to know since we started in our program (recently renamed Art History and Museum Professions). I loved her style and that she is currently in the field.

Bjork open forum talk- didn't get a glimpse of her, but we were definitely in the same building. Totally counts.

Back to the Armory, or more specifically, embracing the pooch. By “pooch” I am not referring to an adorable dog ( though I would love one if you are offering me a house with a backyard and someone to take said dog on morning walks). I am referring to the post-baby addition to my belly. To be completely honest, I spend most of my time trying to hide it. I have no idea how to deal with it because even on my skinniest days, the pooch doesn’t budge (stubborn as a mule, that one).

I see people on the street who are heavier and just look fabulous and I always wondered how they did it. How do they walk around with so much confidence and really pull it off?! Then I realized, they “embrace the pooch”. They don’t try to hide anything and I don’t mean leave their belly hanging out, I mean they wear a tight pencil skirt, fantastic heels, and a confident smile.

So, yesterday, I decided to do it. We were issued a high crew neck (worst thing you can do for my body) black shirt with “The Armory Show” on it. I tucked it in (a look I love but am terrified of) and wore a black pencil skirt that *gasp* didn’t hide a thing! It took all my strength to get myself out of the door without pulling the shirt right out, but I did it.

embarrassing picture-of-self-in-a-mirror photo because hubs had already left

Another self-picture, just as embarrassing. (Please ignore the mess behind me, we're working on it and I will blog when we get somewhere!)

I also walked outside with two different shoes (you can kind of see in the photo). They were both black flats, but different nonetheless. I meant to take a picture, but I was laughing too hard.

It wasn’t too successful. My tights rolled down awkwardly, I felt super self-conscious next to the other skinny interns (what is UP with that?) and the ridiculous amount of gorgeous-looking visitors. What I took from it though, is that it’s all about attitude and that I need to embrace my pooch and the fact that I will never be the flat midget that I once was. (Okay, I don’t want to be short like I used to be, but being skinny was nice). I decided to blog about it, because it was important for me and I think that if I make this public, I will be more likely to continue to embrace my flaws and work with them instead of against them.

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