Last Day at the Armory Show

First, I must apologize because this post is about my last day as an intern at the Armory Show and that was a week ago. It’s been a craaaazy week!

Originally, I was supposed to come in three times, but they only needed me twice so when I went in on Sunday it was my second and last time. I hoped that since I had spent the entire previous Wednesday at the entrance, that I would get a chance to do something else and see some of the show! No, my dear friends, I was put back at the front to greet, scan, and put on wristbands. I smiled and answered questions and played with the kids, but I really really wanted to do something else.

Catalogue, staff shirt, and map/event guide

I was lucky enough to be surrounded by fellow interns/temps who were completely enjoyable and this time I got to hang out with my friend Peter (DJ PJ) so I actually had a really good time. However, I was getting really antsy to see the actual show.

Toward the end, when I realized that everyone had at some point “used the restroom” (by which I of course mean, took a look at the art) I realized I too had to use the restroom. If I saw some wonderful things on the way, so be it!

Chuck Close at Pace Prints

Another Close

At first, I was wandering through Pier 94 because that’s where I was, but either because that’s the Pier I was working at or because Modern is my favorite period of art, I found myself walking briskly to Pier 92. My first stop was Chuck Close, one of my all time favorite contemporary artists. I had the chance to meet him once and my brother decided to get engaged that night and until I do meet Close, my brother owes me big. I’m pretty sure that the woman working at Pace thought I was crazy. I was grinning at that Close like we were in love.

There’s something about seeing art outside of a museum. It feels more accessible. If I had a bajillion dollars I could totally own this thing! Even galleries feel hands off, but this environment made everything just a little more personal and since I consider Close to be a close and personal friend, it was nice to see him there.


I also got to see some Warhols and Picassos that I wasn’t familiar with and that made me happy too. I didn’t linger anywhere too long because even though the show was almost closing, no one else was coming in, and I hadn’t actually had to do anything in 45 minutes, I thought I should probably go where I was told. Of course, once I hurried back, Scott said we should all go see the art if we hadn’t already. Oh, the irony.

All in all, I don’t know if it was worth it per se, but I am glad I did it.

Outfit update: this time I wore a blazer that goes in at the waist and felt less self-conscious about my stomach. Plus any time I wear a blazer, I feel more official and as an official intern, it was only appropriate.

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