Reached my Pinterest Home Decor Follower Goal!


Love the contrasting patterns and colors

As of this morning, I have 302 followers for my Pinterest Home Decor board! I don’t know why 300 was the goal I set, but it was and now I’ve reached it. Next: World Domination!!!

Oscillating between kitschy and wonderful and wonderful has won

Okay, so I have a couple of steps before I conquer the world, like finding a job for when I graduate in May. It’s exciting and terrifying. I finally get to start my post-college career (which I have been told I will switch many times), but what if I can’t find that job? What if, even worse, I can’t get that job?? These are my fears always laying (lying?) riiiight there under the surface ready to pop out at any point.

So for now I will just enjoy my own small accomplishment of getting over 300 followers for me Home Decor board on Pinterest. Thank you, followers!!

I love this pendant for the architectural and natural mix of elements

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