Graduation, “Gradulation”

AHMP grads minus the ones that didn’t come to graduation and were sorely missed (shout-out to Shannon, who is going to write a guest post later this summer)

I’m not sure how to really express what I’m feeling right now, but I’m going to give it a shot:


That about sums it up.

And while I’m doing math, let’s put FIT into mathematical perspective:

1 year catching up on SUNY requirements + 1 year Advertising and Marketing Communications Associate’s + 2 years Art History and Museum Professions (formerly known as Visual Arts Management) = 2 Degrees and a college grad.

I actually got a nice surprise today, when I looked at the commencement brochure and saw I was graduating Summa Cum Laude. I realize you’re not always going to be in a position to get this kind of feedback on your hard work, so it was a really nice way to end my FIT career.

post grad ice cream!

While it is a huge (read: HUGE) relief to be done with papers, presentations, finals, etc….I’m not very good at not being productive for very long.

So here’s my new list:

1- Obviously, the job hunt is the priority.

2-Finally get my drivers license. Do NOT judge me, I grew up in Manhattan and there was no need.

3-I’d like to see a new exhibit or art show every week and post about it. A little ambitious, when I don’t know what the next weeks/months/years hold, but I’d like to make the effort.

4-Blog. I want to update you guys on everything we’ve done in the apartment and upcoming projects and once we’ve caught up, I can do it in real time!

5-Work on the apartment (so I have material for the blog, duh doy!)

6-This should go without saying, but I’m gonna anyway: spend more time with the familia. They’re awesome and I love them and the bright side to not having a job right away is that I can hang with them some more and that always makes me happy.

** I can’t take full credit for the title “gradulation” is Aiden’s word for graduation and I think it stems from the fact that every time he goes on the potty (by which I mean sits on it fully clothed and reads) he says “congratulations!” ala the Elmo Potty Book


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