Random Rant n’ Rave

I know the plan was to update now that I’ve graduated, but I did not expect to be nearly as busy as I have found myself to be. First was the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, which like all Jewish holidays means we eat and  spend time with family and/or friends and eat, and also we eat. If My Big Fat Greek Wedding is at all accurate, then I suppose it’s like the Greek culture in that way.

Coupled with Aiden being sick (that kid and ear infections are super well acquainted), I’ve been off my blog game.

In good news:

a- I have hopes of going to see an exhibit this coming week with my sister, which is always wonderful because she always knows references and back stories that I don’t. I get to enjoy something I know and love and add to my knowledge. Win, win.

b- There are two guest bloggers working on their posts (Coming Soon!)

Now for the rant n’ rave:

Why oh why is everything for children in primaries or pastels??

What if my boy *enormous gasp* doesn’t want blue??? What if he loves pink??? He’s ostracized from the playground! Aiden happens to have a fabulous pair of sparkly pink sunglasses he got from his cousins’ birthday party a year ago and he absolutely loves them.

It makes me steaming mad when we get comments about it. If you’re my friend and I know you share my views on the ridiculousness of enforcing gender roles, then your jokes are fine because I will joke along with you. Otherwise, leave my kid alone.

And what if I had a girl? And what if she loved dressing “like a boy” and wearing “boy” clothes? It is crazy to me that she would get looks on the playground. So would I, by the way. What kind of mother lets her child dress like that?

On to the next playground rant:

If your kid steals my kid’s toys or pushes my kid, where are you? Why don’t you step in, tell your kid to give back the toy or that pushing is not okay and to apologize? (Can you tell this happened today? TWICE!)

Kids aren’t perfect. Mine certainly isn’t (though he really is darn close). He’s stolen another kid’s toy, he’s hit another kid and it is not acceptable. I step in without hesitation and try to make the situation right and make it a teachable moment.

Not his ball, we traded for some chalk. Thanks for sharing, little boy at the park!

And you know what? Worst case scenario, Aiden doesn’t apologize and yells and screams his frustration. But you can be assured that kid will get his or her toy back and will be apologized to, even if it’s just from me. Most often, Aiden gives back the toy and apologizes and moves on. I most likely make some idle chatter with the other parent or caregiver and we bond over some every-kid-does-this thing and it’s fine.

So those were my rants of the day. Does this ever happen to you? How would you handle the situation?

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