Chalkboarding, a sport

It seems my blog has lost its way a little bit. It started out as a way to record how we updated our apartment and ideas we have. And poor hubs, they happen all the time with no notice. As in “we need milk, eggs, ohmigod let’s chalkboard the pantry!” And they always end in exclamation points. Always!

I tried turning it into something else and I’m going to confess something here: my motives weren’t entirely pure. I declared once I graduated that I would go to an exhibit once a week and blog about it. While I love going to exhibits (seriously, my face gets all flushed with excitement and my heart beats way faster than normal), my thoughts for including it in the blog were motivated by potential future employers: “Come see what I do and what a genuinely artsy person I am!”

The thing is, the blog is supposed to be about interior design and I like it that way. So I am returning to my roots my haircolor is naturally brownish and blogging about apartment updates and inspiration. Here goes:

Chalkboarding. People do it. We’ve talked about it. We’ve planned for it. But we’ve never actually gone through with it and I’m ready. Chalkboarding is the super official sport of using chalkboard paint to make something into a chalkboard, totally legit and most likely a part of the upcoming Olympic games.

This is our hallway (?) that leads to the pantry (on the right), our room (straight ahead), and the hallway (on the left) from which runs the second bathroom and Aiden’s room.

This is the inside of the pantry that one day I will be ruthless with and throw out the things that I keep pretending we will one day need. The flour sifter has been used once.

And this is the chalkboard paint that we bought with Aiden in mind, but without knowing where exactly we wanted to use it. It was really pretty and on sale on a random site I found (unfortunately I have no recollection of where)

We want to paint the back of the pantry door and use it for to-do lists and for our son to vandalize draw on.

But wait, there’s more!

We also bought two Ikea Bekvam spice racks with the intention of putting them in Aiden’s room for books as shown here:

Once we worked some more on his room, it became apparent that we had plenty of book storage in our Expedit bookcase and in the bookcases in our living room so they’ve been laying around with a bunch of other as-of-yet unfinished projects (which we both vow we will finish this summer).

We’ve been batting around different ideas for the spice racks: jewelry in our room, for actual spices in the kitchen…etc. and we finally decided (i.e. I exclaimed a minute ago) to use it on the back of the pantry door.

The idea is to make a smaller square of chalkboard paint on the top where Tuv and I can reach, the spice rack in between for chalk, an eraser, and perhaps menus that have no place right now, and below that a larger rectangle for Aiden to draw his favorite things, which of course change pretty often and why a chalkboard is the perfect place for him to express his changing interests.

Maybe we’ll put up both racks and use one for chalkboard paraphernalia and one for menus. I am sure that we will continue to change their uses up until we use it (and probably way after).

We are going to aim to do finish this project this week and I am extremely excited to update with the results! Have you ever used chalkboard paint? Where did you use it and how were the results?


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