All it Took was a Minute

We have lived in our apartment for almost a full 2 years and there are some things that we have been talking about doing for that long. A portion of those things, we have even bought the materials for and either haven’t found the time or energy or confidence to do.

Today, we did two of those things. By “we” I mean Tuvia, because he literally did both things entirely by himself, but I supplemented with productive document filing/throwing out and generally being wonderful (right, Tuv?) so it’s as if we both did it.

I’m dedicating this post to just one of the things we did, because there’s more to do on the other.

The first thing we he did was put up a mirror we got from IKEA. We’ve had it leaning on a small white BILLY bookcase that we use as a console of sorts in our dining room/foyer.

It made us laugh because it took a total of one minute, one screw, that’s it! It made us feel ridiculous for putting it off this long, but it isn’t something that had been bothering us so I guess we never really got motivated.

I use the top for my shabbat candlesticks and two Jonathan Adler boxes that have extra candles and tealights.

the top of our “console” as it usually looks but with the mirror on the wall!

My sister got me one of the boxes because I’m a HUGE fan of Jonathan Adler and when I saw Gilt had a sale on the other size, I jumped at the chance and bought it.

As for the candlesticks, when Tuvia and I got married, his mother took me shopping for candlesticks as is often the tradition. I didn’t want silver because 1- I’m never gonna polish it and 2- it’s not my look. When we found these, I was lovestruck and we are as in love as ever (because I assume they love me back).

My beloved candlesticks by an artist whose name I cannot decipher on the bottom, nor can I find anywhere online.

The votive is from another Jewish tradition. When my son was born, I added another candle courtesy of Tuvia’s parents as I will do anytime we add another child to our family.

The top shelf in the bookcase/console has baskets from Target that we use to keep things we tend to need on a regular basis (a lighter for the candles, tape, scissors…etc.)

We keep some art books in the middle shelf and the bottom has some bigger or coffee-table books along with a basket that we use to keep some of Aiden’s toys in. We try to have some space for his things in every room so he feels like they’re his too and we’ve found that having a place for everything makes it super easy for him to help putting things back. It’s not like he always does, but I’ve never seen a kid his age just clean up when he was done with something without prompting. And he likes it! More proof that he’s my kid.


Do you have a project that would take just a minute, but you’ve been putting off? What made you finally do it?


6 thoughts on “All it Took was a Minute

  1. Gilt – this was a great post but with my daughter getting married I would love to add to the tradition of shopping with her for candlesticks and G-d willing adding little ones for grandchildren.
    You and Tuvia be will.

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  4. I gave one of my granddaughters my mother’s sterling silver candlesticks and another my own sterling silver candlesticks that I no longer use because for my 65th birthday my darling husband bought me a five branch candlelabra.
    great tradition – hope they pass it on. b

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