Home Goods Rocks My World

I love Home Goods. And not in a friends way. More in a wish-I-could-live-with-you-and-be-with-you-all-the-time way. Some might call that unhealthy, but I say those people haven’t been to Home Goods or have never truly be in love with a store before.

Today I went to Home Goods (cue the angels singing, seriously, they just did in my head) and I finally did it. I took the plunge. Made the commitment. I am now the proud owner of….artificial flowers!

I know it’s breaking one of the first rules of decorating, but you know what? I love flowers, I really do, but I really hate taking care of them. I hate throwing out the ones that die. I despise washing out the vase/mason jar that inevitably gets stinky because I hate throwing out the ones that die.

Also, I’m taking care of my kid and don’t have the time, energy, or will to take care of a plant (plus I don’t know how. I have killed a cactus in the past, I kid you not.)

Enough rambling…here it is:

I do not feel like this picture does it justice at all. Here’s another one:


wider shot


that feels even worse…hmmm…here’s one without the runner and then I give up.


Well, the point is I finally bought artificial flowers and while I don’t think they look too good in the pictures, I love them in real life and am happy with my decision.

There is still one thing haunting me though. There was a blue console that I was DYING for!! I looooooved it. Really wanted it. Kinda wished we were still looking for one so I could justify it. But we already used our money thriftily on…you guessed it… IKEA. The white bookcase is good ol’ Billy and it’s definitely not a “piece”, but it serves its purpose and we don’t need to spend $200 on a piece of furniture we don’t need.

Have you used artificial flowers? Were you satisfied with the result? What about a non-impulse buy? Ever regret not giving in to that impulse? Not that I do, I think it was a good decision, but I still miss it and I bet it’s sitting there in the dark, closed store right now…missing me too.


3 thoughts on “Home Goods Rocks My World

  1. I just threw out a vase of artificial flowers. I had them for about 5 years. They get really gross after a while, though they last longer than real, that’s for sure! I currently am taking a break from chochkas (yeah right!) so not looking to get new ones.

  2. We had a vase of articifial flowers for about 5 years. after a while they got really gross. Just threw them out about 2 weeks ago. I’m going threw a chochka hating phase (if only i had the courage to throw out more things!) so i’m not looking to replace them. i hope yours last a little longer! At least they last longer than real ones. I hate dealing with moldy flowers!

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