Apartment Projects are Contagious

You know the saying about how good deeds breed good deeds? It’s the same in our house with projects. We do one and we get the bug. The only acceptable bug to have in our house as far as I’m concerned.

Today, Tuvia managed to put up three things that have been laying by the wayside for a while:

1- the curtain hooks that we had in our last apartment from Urban Outfitters in one of their wonderful sale bins

As they are in our apartment:

The living room is too messy to give the full picture, but you get the idea…they hold the curtains back.

2- He hung up this bridal fashion sketch from the 1920’s that I got when I was working at the Special Collections department of the FIT library.

The plan is to get another sketch from the same collection and put it on the other side of the window. We’re still deciding a -if we want to do a colored mat because it’s on a white wall and b- if we want to paint the frame

I’m partial to how it is right now, but I have been known to change my mind (Tuvia is smiling knowingly, this is obviously not something I do often).

3- He has hung up another mirror! This is a MUCH more exciting mirror hanging than the small round one above the “console” because this has been causing me stress. I’ve been so nervous that it would fall down and G-d forbid hurt someone, so this is a BIGGIE.

Please excuse the mess. I have cheated and am going to use old pictures to show how the entry usually looks. By “usually” I obviously mean not usually.

The round mirror is none other than IKEA and the three hooks are some of my favorite details in the whole apartment. They’re from Anthropologie and while I normally don’t splurge there, I had been pining over these for awhile and they make me so happy whenever I see them that I think the cost per happiness is totally worth it.

The picture above is of a MOLGER bench from IKEA and a friend recently told me she plans on getting one and painting it ombre….SO excited and she has promised some pictures which I am hoping to put up when she does it.

the whole wall (minus the newly hung full-length mirror)

That was it for today. Three small things that made me very happy. Speaking of happy, Aiden’s thank you noted finally came in the mail from Tiny Prints. We had a coupon from something we bought (so sorry, but cannot for the life of me remember what) and we like the thought of Aiden having thank you notes of his very own because obviously he is writing his own thank you cards.

We wanted something kind of simple and I like how the animal silhouettes look a little like Dwell Studio. We were avoiding cliche little kid/little boy stationary, but Aiden liked it and we liked it so we went for it.

And because I love them and take too many pictures of them, here are some of the boys from today:

Aiden loves his red umbrella




5 thoughts on “Apartment Projects are Contagious

  1. Holy cow… I LOOOOOVE those curtain hooks and need them in my life! I’ll have to check out Urban Outfitters. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment; I’m so glad it lead me here. 🙂

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