The Desk, Part II (and a little surprise)

On to part II of the desk saga (See the first post here):

Over two days and much moaning excitement on my part, we figured out a system that we thought would work for us more long-term. What we want out on the desk because we use it regularly, what should be on the shelves because we use it fairly often, and in the filing cabinet in the hallway for the documents/files we rarely need but can’t throw out just yet (as much as I might itch to).

Our shopping list included: 21 file folders (they come in a package of 6 each, so 24) and five file boxes

file folders in the colors that always catch my eye

the white file boxes for office supplies that don’t fit in the drawers

the blue file boxes for personal documents, I LOVE this color

the label for which I will most definitely need a labeler (*cough, cough*)

the inside of Aiden’s box, which clearly we have yet to organize (that’s the invitation for his first birthday party, the candle from his second, and a drawing he asked for in between the two)


We also finally got a safe for our important documents (and we have two copies in two different places).

Tuvia also really wanted to get me a hook for my robe to put near the bed (he doesn’t like it thrown on random furniture? strange…).


the tree hook (branch hook?)

The hook makes the curtain holder things (seriously, what are they called?) a little less random

this was us trying to bring more natural elements into the room, like the headboard fabric

And silly hubs let me see the wrapping station part of the store and I obviously had no choice but to get pretty wrapping paper. It was $4, so not the biggest splurge and I did a mini-project with it that I’ll show later on.

the wrapping paper on our countertop- you kiiiind of get a glimpse of the barstools and cereal containers

The Container Store was having their Happy Organized Home Sale  so we came under budget and came home!

I have never been very good at waiting to open new things so I got on this as soon as we got home. And this was the result:

why I didn’t clean up before I took a picture is beyond me

just the shelves

Obviously, I have not finished re-filing, but I’m confident that after I go through it one more time (and purge unnecessary documents one more time), it will be a system that works for years.

For us, what seems to work best is this:

The desk file box has rent stubs, health insurance, and a file folder each for Tuvia, myself, and A (each of which has health, finance, and other personal folders)

Other than rent and health insurance, we get everything as an e-bill and a little research showed that health and tax documents are really the only ones you need to keep for an extended amount of time (though homeowners probably have more).

Each hanging file has the “master” category and then subcategories in the file folders eg. Health Insurance hanging file has two file folders in it, one for Tuvia and Aiden and one for me (I get health insurance through school at the moment). Then obviously everything is by date for an easy search. Usually it’s not necessary, but the couple times we did need it, the system really came in handy.

example of a master category “Apartment”


We have a folder for each apartment that we have lived in that has the lease and any important documents that we might need. More research showed that rent stubs can be thrown out once the lease is over, so that saves a lot of room.

Our current apartment has a separate folder in the file box on our desk where we put current rent stubs.

The two white file boxes on the first shelf hold extra supplies that I would prefer to keep in the drawers, but they don’t fit because the drawers are pretty narrow. It’s things like extra hanging folders, file folders, and notebooks, which I tend to use up pretty quickly.

The three blue boxes are for personal things like birthday cards, ticket stubs etc. One for each of us. I really wish I was better at throwing these things out, but I’m pretty sentimental. We need a better long-term solution, right now they’re just separated by year, but Tuv and I have over five years worth of stuff in there and there’s plenty of room so I think we’ll be okay for a bit.

On to the wrapping paper mini-project:

the min-project and a little surprise…

I guess the first thing I should do is finally come out and make it official (on the blog = official): I’m preggers!

I’ll explain in another post about why I waited to say anything until now, but I figure the framed sonogram on the shelf will probably give it away and the project has to do with, as we call her, Segunda (which will also be explained in a forthcoming post).

We had an old record frame from Urban Outfitters that was lying (laying?) around, so I simply wrapped the backing like a present and am using it as a mood board for how we are going to fix up the room for A’s little sister. Pushpins go in pretty easily and we didn’t want to make another purchase (cork-board) when we already had this in the apartment.

So that’s the desk for now. Our bedroom has been neglected in our apartment escapades even though it’s “supposed” to be the first room you fix. I’ll keep updating you as we fix it up and will finally get pictures up of the rest of the apartment!

Have you recently redone a desk or filing system? And have you neglected your bedroom? In the future I think we’re going to listen to the “supposed to” and do our room first, it’s so much nicer to go to bed now. Any bedroom tips?

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