Home Tour: Front Hallway

Really, it would’ve made more sense to start with the front hallway since that’s how you come into the apartment, but being second is so close to first that it’s basically first (that’s what we always said in high school if we lost a game of volleyball or soccer.)

This is how you walk in:

Front Hallway

This is the welcome mat we got from Target. We used to have this Urban Outfitters one in blue, but the rug pad just could not handle the foot traffic without getting all twisted.

the view as you walk in

the view as you get closer (keep in mind this takes less than half a second)

The round mirror, long wavy mirror, and bench are all from IKEA, the baskets are from Home Goods, and the hooks are from Anthropologie.

We are planning on filling the hallway with art, gallery style like these pictures from a mother’s day celebration at our old apartment:

try and imagine without all the clutter (various handbags and gifts)

We’ve gathered art, but it’s not high on our list until we can figure out where to keep our stroller (we might need the wall space). We also have a small bamboo mail sorter/key hanger that we have to hang up.

These are the hooks that we got from Anthropologie that I loooooove.

the view looking toward the door, notice the closet on the right…

Okay, this is going to be SUPER embarrassing, but this is what the inside of the closet currently looks like (hard for me to get much of a shot in such a narrow hallway, but this gives you the idea). I guarantee you I did no straightening up so you can see it’s actual state at the moment. Try not to judge too harshly:

we have hooks over the back of the door, currently holding a bag that holds bags, some baseball caps and Aiden’s little raincoat

the inside of my shame, it’s a high closet which is nice, as are the two built in shelves, but it is SO disorganized right now

All of our coats from every season including ones that were Aiden’s that are way too small now and…our stroller (we have a love/hate relationship with it)

We have baskets for the gloves, scarves, and hats, but all a bunch of the random stuff in our house has just been shoved into there. We also have the problem of the stroller. Oh, the stroller. It’s a Baby Jogger City Elite and we hardcore love it when we use it outside- it is a JEEP, seriously so easy to push, so easy to fold, love how far back the seat goes and the canopy covers A, but we have nowhere good to keep it.

Our plan at the mo’ is to go through everything- purge, purge, purge and make space to put a hook or something for the stroller on the side of the closet so at least it looks neat. Don’t even ask me what we’re going to do when baby #2 comes. Actually, if you have any suggestions for something that can fit in a narrow hallway, pass it on please!

the light fixture

Can you get  more generic with the rental light fixture?? It sort of looks like a tiny pineapple that gives off not enough light, and that light is harsh.

This is with the light off to give a better idea of what it looks like. We’re on the lookout for a replacement. I actually saw a few terrariums at Urban Outfitters today that I think would make wonderful DIY light fixtures, but I don’t have the slightest clue how to do it.

Then, we have the view when you’re coming out of the hallway…

And that’s for next time!

Front hallways are the first taste you get of a home, but we can’t bring ourselves to work on this before we make other things work first. Some things just get to us more than others and the front hallway takes a backseat to all the rooms we spend more time in.

When we do work on it, rest assured you will be the first to know about it 😉

11 thoughts on “Home Tour: Front Hallway

  1. You can put up a hidden shelf above the entry door to your apt and keep the stroller up there. You can also hang it on hooks high up if it’s light enough. Love the hooks! I’ve been watching them on line for a while. Looks like fun!
    All the best,

    • Those are both good ideas and we wiiiish we could do them, but our stroller is HUGE. Getting on a shelf would be more trouble than it’s worth and we’d LOVE to get it on hooks high up but it would take up our whole narrow hallway!
      Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Looks great, Luke! Super organized yet serene and young. The accessory I’d add? Aidens jean jacket on the hook. Also, I love spying one of my bags! XX

  3. looks great, i got a great tool, something i use when i was preggers and nestting i cleaned out the front hall closet. I bought a hanging shoes holder 9the kind with pocketd) and i stick boots, gloves umbrellas etc inm there. Keeps it organized while the kids can still reach in to grab their stuff. I have one in my room too (where the baby currently sleeps) with her clothes roller into the diff pockets, i saw someone who had it in their bathroom, with diff cleaning supplies in each!

  4. Shelving and hooks and a wall mounted shoe cabinet. We ironically used the Molger bath hooks/railing in our front entryway. Wait til I do a post on my trainwreck of lack of space entryway. You’ll feel better about your wall space potential. don’t get me started on strollers. We left ours on the balcony in our old condo and I bought a baby carrier and neverwent back. It’s a love hate too with the wheels.

    • Do you mean inside the closet or in the hallway? Haha we ironically use the Molger bath bench!
      We’re thinking of using our Maclaren umbrella and a baby carrier for baby #2 (maybe leave our baby jogger in the car trunk?). I never got into it with Aiden (as in, he was never into it), but maybe this time it’ll work!

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