A while back, the hubs and I got Marimekko fabric on sale and staple-gunned it onto a wooden frame. We don’t have any pictures of us making it, but Kristin from Bliss does a wonderful job explaining how easy it is. I’ll post a picture of ours in a minute

Happy DIY Monday!

One of the biggest mistakes I see over and over again in home interiors is art on walls that is too small. Art is a statement piece and often a focal point of design. Scale is very important in design and the wrong art or wall decor can work against the look you are trying to achieve.

Today, I am going to show you an easy way to add high impact with wall art. This can be as high cost or low cost as you want to make it.   Art can be expensive, especially large-scale art.

The Problem: Well, I wanted a statement piece for my dining room remodel, but with having to lay new hardwoods, countertops, and a back splash my decorating budget is small right now.

The Solution:  Make my own!

So, I just built a canvas frame and stapled fabric around it…

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