This past weekend the hubs, A, and I (and Segunda in my belly) drove up to visit my grandparents along with my mother.

Aiden wearing my hat and emptying a bag of toys onto the floor of the car

Other than the simple pleasure of seeing them, catching up, and making Aiden perform any and all tricks that he was willing to, we also took a couple of hours on Sunday morning to go antique-ing! This has become a tradition with my grandmother and one I treasure because:

A- antique shopping is awesome, you really never know what you’re going to find and, more importantly, B- anything from my grandmother or gotten with her adds a dimension of meaning to the item. Plus, I value my grandmother’s taste (hence, we are currently discussing the possibility of doing a house tour of her house! It won’t be for awhile though so hang in there).

There are a couple of places that we have gone to in the area in the past, but this one has been the frontrunner for the past couple of years and I cannot remember ever leaving empty-handed, a testament to my lack of self-control around pretty things the store.

Ferndale Antiques, formerly a general store and Post Office, is owned by Richard Delia and Ron Greco.

Richard and Ron

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my real camera on me and was so easily distracted by all the pretty things that it was hard for me to stay still long enough to get any great shots of the inventory, but here are some things that caught my eye:

The photo does not do the display justice, nor does it show Ron putting every hat on my head, which is too bad because I can’t make my purchases look the way he did


Oh, Audrey


I saw this print (there’s another on the other side) and thought maybe that was the answer to the space on either side of our living room windows, but I loved the thought more than the actual prints.



I saw the cabinet and thought it would be wonderful on top of a dresser- someplace to hold all the jewelry, but in sight. I got distracted by the shiny dress hanging next to it. I guess I’m sort of moth-like in that way.


GORGEOUS Judith Lieber bag. I tried really hard not to drool all over it


I got this hat! I’m a little worried about looking like a flight attendant/sailor/bellhop, but I love it and it’s so nice and light for these ridonkulously hot days of summer.


“Pretty Woman” hat


back of the “Pretty Woman” hat


My generous grandmother got me this bracelet that I luuuuurve and cannot wait to wear!!!







my beautiful grandmother, modeling earrings


My grandmother with Ron


Richard at the counter, can you tell he’s a sweetheart?


loved this but 1- no place for it and 2- it was eighty-something dollars


I can’t help it, I LOVE leopard print! Maybe the pillow on the fabric is too much but can you imagine this baby painted??


This chair was on the porch and caught my eye as soon as we walked up. It was $10 and the perfect next DIY project. I also got instructions on what to do with an old wooden chair that has paint chipping off that might have lead in it. I am so excited to do this and will update when it’s done.


It started pouring while we were shopping, but it let up and we went back to my grandparents to a BBQ!!! For those of you that don’t know me, BBQ is my favorite, specifically steak. Oh, steak….. The story goes I ate an entire one when I was five and knowing me, I believe it. Thank you B&Z for the BBQ!

Have you ever been antique-ing? What did you find? And do you love BBQ as much as I do, because if you do I’m pretty sure we will be life-long friends. Unless you steal my steak.

3 thoughts on “Antique-ing!

  1. Hey Sweetie.. thanks for the wonderful review… we always look forward to your visits and you and Shirley hold very special places in our hearts. Enjoy the hats and have fun fixing up that chair. See you next time… XXOOXOXO Richard & Ron

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