Fancy Things at Un-fancy Prices

As someone who often loves the look of higher-end pieces, but not the prices, I am always on the search for ways to update or customize on a smaller budget.

Recently, I came across two instances of “getting the look for less” and I am such a big fan. Not everyone wants the fancy look, but if you do and don’t have the budget for it, here are two examples of making it work (oh, Tim Gunn how I love you):

Yellow Etageres:

(from Better Homes and Gardens)

the look


the look for less


Luxurious Nursery:

(From: Spearmint Baby)

the look


the expense of the look


the look for less


There you have it. Two instances of fabulousness at fab prices. Do you have tricks for making your room or furniture look “nicer” than it is?

Disclaimer: I promise I’m not knocking lower-end things, our apartment is filled with them. I just like putting our own touch on them when possible 🙂

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