Hard-Wiring… not so Hard!

You would think that in over four years of marriage, Tuvia and I would get to know each other’s skills pretty well. In this case, neither of us knew that Tuvia had it in him- apparently the hubs can do hard-wire installation! I mean, obviously I knew but just felt that he should discover this talent on his own…

Let’s rewind a bit: Tuvia’s parents had this light fixture in their attic and offered it to us when we lived in our last apartment where it reflected light onto our IKEA-filled space. It’s been sitting, covered in bubble wrap and paper, in our front closet for some time now and Tuvia decided it was time to go on the ceiling.

The first thing we did was figure out what switch in the fuse box cuts the power to those wires. Once all the clocks reset we figured it out, he took down the old light fixture (as simple as two screws), which left two wires and a hole in the ceiling.

The generic rental light fixture

Removing the two screws

Once all the hardware was unscrewed, the fixture wires had to be uncoupled from the wires in the ceiling

The metal udder/robot helmet that holds the light fixture and my half-attempt at covering the table

The long screw-like thing to be able to reach the bottom of the metal bowl

These are the screws that go on either side of the long t-screw-like thing (I’m sure it has a real name somewhere)

Tuvia noticed I was taking pictures of his face instead of the screws. I got distracted.


The mirrored plate (or medallion)

Putting the udder on the plate, we had to hold the plate up and then Tuv attached the wires from the ceiling to the wires in the bowl through the plate

Then we lined up the hole in the bottom of the bowl with the bottom of the t-screw

And the little cap closes it!

Then all we had to do was screw in the lightbulbs and glass orchids! We actually didn’t have the right lightbulbs on hand so Tuvia went to Home Depot while I had my first driving lesson (BTW I am a wonderful driver, no big deal…by which I mean a HUGE deal).

I came home to the finished product!

With the lights on (the picture was at night, not optimal, but those are some funky shadows right?)

With the lights off


A detail shot

The work was not yet finished because we also wanted to install a timer for the light since we are Sabbath-observant and do not turn lights on and off from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday.

Tuvia took off the light switch, leaving wires and a hole


Because we had used this timer in our old apartment, one of the wires from the time had become frayed and we had to trim it .

The wires were too hard to bend by hand, so he used pliers to straighten the wires from the wall to couple it with the timer wires.



The timer!

I would show what the light fixture looks like in the “grand scheme” of the dining room, but that’s for the next house tour edition! (Working on it, I promise)

I’m a little torn because while I love the light fixture itself, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it in this space, but just about anything would be an improvement on the old one and now we all know Tuvia can hard-wire so it was a total win! (And then he indulged my pregnant cravings and made pancakes from scratch so all in all a VERY happy day for me)

Have you ever discovered a hidden skill? Hard-wired for the first time? How did it go?

5 thoughts on “Hard-Wiring… not so Hard!

  1. I am SO GLAD TO SEE THIS BACK UP! I LOVE this piece!!!!!

    Our apartment has no electrical thingy (that is the proper term) in the ceilings and the ceilings are too low for us to plug and hang something…so right now we are using Scott’s college era ikea(?) floor lamp…it is quite ugly.


    • We have the same problem in the living room! I think the rule of thumb is to have three sources of light at varying heights (since I ALWAYS listen to rules….) so we have a table lamp, a floor lamp, and we bought track lighting to put unobtrusively in that small space where the wall comes down just a bit, separating the living and dining area. It’s hard to find track lighting that does not need to be hard wired that’s also attractive and not expensive, so I would check Home Depot and Lowe’s (they might still be having a lighting sale).
      We haven’t put it up yet, but now that we all know Tuvia is a lighting genius, it might happen soon.

  2. i’m sure that the girls loved to see how T(and I knew it was him because of the red band) worked to hang this pretty fixture. Do the boys want to know this?
    forty years ago this thingy was hanging in our 3 bedroom apt. in the Bronx. B

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