Missing in Action: Photo Improvement, Babymoon, and Daycare

I have been MIA for ten days now (yikes!) and I feel I should explain. I have been working on a bunch of posts that I’m really excited for (dining room, random room, living room, Aiden’s room…etc.) but I can’t seem to get the pictures I want of any one room. I have some I like from one room or another, but I want to keep trying until I get better at it. I’ve never been trained in photography, but it’s something I enjoy and work at for the blog and I want you to enjoy the benefits of my improving!

The other part is that Tuvia and I took a babymoon! It was FANTASTIC! I was so nervous because while Aiden has slept away from home for one night, it’s never been more than that and even then we would see him right before bed and right when he woke up. We left Monday morning and got back Wednesday late afternoon so it wasn’t even such a long time, but I was still worried. Not about Aiden, I knew he’d have a blast at my in-laws and he’s pretty good with location changes as long as we warn him in advance, but I guess it’s just scary the first time.

The end of that story is that I missed our morning cuddles, his ridiculously cute face and the wonderful things that he says, but it was absolutely wonderful to have some time just for me and Tuv (and we are oddly terrible at photostrip booths).

after Tuv jumped onto the bed face first, so it’s rumpled but clean white sheets are the best!

Tuvia said I couldn’t bring this home…not enough room in the trunk?

Is it weird how excited I was to find the bathrobes in the closet?

I won’t lie and say we didn’t talk about him or miss him, but I am so grateful for our mini-vacation and think that we both needed it. (AND we stopped off to see the baby with the best cheeks in the world and my heart is still melting- she’s also the daughter of my brother, co-founder of Rezscore.com, and my sister-in-law, one of the entrepreneurs behind Frameless by Design)

Coming home to this isn’t too bad either:

The last part is that Aiden is off from daycare for two weeks! I know that there are moms out there who work full-time, can have a kid at home, and still blog every day while pregnant, but boy is that not me. When I’m pregnant, I have been known to leave my phone in the fridge and mix up words like “salad” and “sad”- it makes for interesting conversations between the hubs and I, but it can be confusing.

So the bottom line is that by next week, I should be back up and running with a new project or room tour. Try not to be too devastated. I totally get it, but I’ll be back as soon as I can 😉

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Missing in Action: Photo Improvement, Babymoon, and Daycare

  1. Its always hard to leave the baby behind but the couple time is key!!Plus its kind of nice to get back home and get the biggest most effusive welcome back home smile and hugs from baby. Thanks for stoping by my blog….the cushion on the ikea hack is actually custom…I designed the fabric and just dropped it off at my friend’s who sews. If you’d like some fabric I can get some for you.

    • I can’t believe you designed the fabric, that’s amazing! We’re not sure what color we’re painting the chair yet, so I’m going to hold off on asking you to get more, but I will definitely come to you if we go for white. Thank you so much for getting back to me and the offer

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