Liana’s Family Party

I hope I don’t offend anyone when I say that on June 18th, the best cheeks known to man were born. They are on the face of my niece Liana and no disrespect meant to other fantastic cheeks (there are plenty that I love more than ice cream), but seriously she wasn’t named “baby best cheeks” without a reason.

This past Sunday we had a family party to welcome her into the world and my mother asked me to be in charge of decorations. The party was planned for the small outside space next to the house, which meant we had one brick wall with a door in the middle and a fence that would be open until that door, a white garage door, and a red fence with two small trees hanging over it. We got the measurements and began planning!

I obviously began a Pinterest board to gather inspiration and there was one pin that I knew I had to try. It was my “pinspiration”!

Anyone who has followed my Pinterest boards knows that I like am addicted to clusters of pom-poms/lanterns/flowers.  What I really liked about these, is the variety and all the texture. It seemed like the perfect DIY project.

Once I knew I wanted to do clusters of flowers over the tables of food, I decided on the rest of the decor. Quite simply a pennant banner on the garage door and without figuring it out exactly, some sort of banner of flowers along the brick wall (if it was a night party, there would have been lanterns or lights for sure).

Off I went to Michael’s (I know, it’s a hard life) and got the list of supplies from the tutorial that the link sent me to, along with the other supplies we would need:

  • felt
  • tissue paper
  • crepe paper
  • cupcake liners
  • sewing pins
  • styrofoam balls
  • hot glue
  • tulle
  • scissors
  • scrapbook paper

I did it on a much smaller scale so I guesstimated on amounts and sizes. I also had some of the supplies on hand already (scissors, crepe paper, hot glue, tulle) so that made the bill smaller also.

I started by working on a felt flower. I gathered the supplies I would need (felt, scissors, styrofoam ball, sewing pins) and made my first pom-pom flower!

First I folded one end of felt toward the center, then the other so they met evenly, and folded the whole thing in half. (For more detailed pictures of this process, check out the original tutorial). Then you can cut half circles for bigger petals or whole circles for smaller petals. Because I worked on a smaller scale, I cut whole circles for smaller petals.

Once I had the circles cut, I gathered the felt and pinned it to the styrofoam ball using a sewing pin.

This is with all the pinning done:

The tutorial didn’t explain how she hung up the flowers, so I improvised and bought pins with holes on top (not sure what they’re called) and pinned it to the top of the flower so I could string it on something.

I then did the same thing with tissue paper and cupcake liners

And I had my first three flowers!

I did another cupcake liner flower with some I had from another party

Then I made some crepe paper pom-poms, but seem to have forgotten to get individual close-ups! Those are different because you cut off a length, crumple it a bit, pinch the end, and then do a sort of twist and wrap move. I used hot glue for the first one, but it got pretty tedious so I pinned the rest of them.

Then I worked on the pendant banner. I made one for Aiden’s first birthday that is currently hanging in his room, so I just did it the same way.

This book of scrapbook paper was on clearance at Michael’s and had some cute patterns

I cut out a template and then traced it onto each piece of paper. I also used a hole puncher to get two holes on top to put the string through.

Then I used a cup to cut out circles and used the back so they were white. These are the backdrop for the letters on the banner.

All the flowers were made, the pendants and circles were all cut-out, and I had a clear vision for what it would all look like. The problem was that even though the party was in a familiar place and I had pictures and measurements, once I actually got there and started putting things up, I could not make up my mind!

I thought about making a mini-pendant for the front of the food tables with the circles I made, I thought about the flowers against the wall hanging on a string, above the food table from the branches, white pom-pom flowers (Martha Stewart that I had gotten for a different party, put together by Tuvia and my SIL, Sabra) could go against the red brick wall or over the food table…. And there was the ever-present threat of rain so I couldn’t put everything up the night before. I don’t know if it was hormones or the heat or my tendency to over-think these things, but it took awhile to settle on the final decor.

We had the pendant banner on the garage door as originally planned, with the white circles in the middle and the lettering done by hand in permanent marker:

I hung the white Martha Stewart flower pom-poms on the branches hanging over the food table:


Then we come to the flowers that I had worked so hard on. They were a little heavy for the string holding them up to just be taped to the brick wall and as much as I love how the look in clusters, it didn’t seem to work for the space. So I decided to embrace the space, use what we had, and this was the end result…let’s call it ‘industrial chic’ as my sister so sweetly put it:




I wish I had more pictures of the party to show off all the hard work that everyone else put in! The food was delicious and thoughtful and as always, the company was wonderful and really made the day.

Unfortunately Aiden was going through mixes of sugar highs and tired lows so that and the heat kept me inside more than I would like (and unable to take many pictures), but you know I can’t resist an opportunity to share a picture of the boy monster (he has informed me that he is no longer a boy, but a monster and I think I should respect his decision)


I did have time to get a shot of the parents with the gorgeous girl of honor (not all at the same time, but doesn’t it feel like it’s always that way?)



So that was Liana’s family party. We’re so excited to have her in the fam and I may or may not be using her for Aiden to practice having a little sister…..

Have you ever had to change party decor last minute? Was it because of indecision? Weather conditions?What did you do?


**In other news: I’m back from my hiatus and Aiden is back in daycare! Ah, routine how I’ve missed you.**



7 thoughts on “Liana’s Family Party

  1. It was beautiful, creative and festive. Great job Gilit! ( it was also great giving her this responsibility because I didn’t have to think about it at all). Lots of comments from guests on how great it looked.

  2. Absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to try the clusters in Liana’s room-you are such an inspiration! We love you so much and many many for the incredibly beautiful decorations and all the hard work that went into it!

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