Yeah, I Did it: Tales of a Crib Skirt

Fair warning: if you are a perfectionist or if fake sewing is going to drive you insane, save yourself! Don’t read on! Otherwise, please continue and try to hyperventilate less than I did.

This morning I took a deep breath and broke out the supplies I would need to create a bed skirt from the flat sheet we had. I pulled out scissors, iron-on hem tape, a measuring tape, an iron, and the sheet.

And then I stared at the sheet. For a full twenty minutes.

I don’t know what it was about this project that terrified me, but I felt paralyzed. Maybe it’s because I don’t sew or because iron-on tape is supposed to be the easy way and I’ve never even tried it before, maybe because I’m ultra-hormonal (you haven’t noticed, right Tuv?) but I actually felt scared.

Let’s take another look at that sheet, shall we? It’s super crumpled!

The obvious solution is to iron it, especially since I would be taking measurements and *gasp* cutting (that gasp is real folks). So I did. I even took a picture as proof:

It looked beautifully ironed while it was on the tiny ironing board, but as soon as it left, it got all crinkly again. So I gave up and started measuring instead.

Following the tutorial from Young House Love, I added 3 inches to each measurement to allow for the hem. This meant the three panels all had a height of 15.5″ , two had a width of 28″, and one had a width of 55″.

I stretched out the fabric as much as I could…on the living room rug, which has less room than the one in Aiden’s room…blaming this one on hormones too. (Continue to expect me to blame the unborn fetus by the way)

First I turned the fabric face down so I could mark the measurements and I made the first cut! The whole time I was singing “the first cut is the deepest” in my head.

AHHHH!!! I CUT IT!!!! At this point, Tuvia had to step in while I calmed down. For real. So he continued to make measurements by measuring out the 15.5″ every few inches and then connecting the lines. And then he had to leave for work, leaving the crazy pregnant lady with scissors and fabric. What was he thinking??

I finished cutting the longest panel first. I cut a panel!

So here they are, the first, second, and third panel all cut out from the Serena and Lily flat sheet from Aiden’s bedding

Then began the ironing. It wasn’t as scary as I thought. First I made sure the fabric was still face down and put the goopy side of the tape face down also, with the paper side facing up. I lined up the tape as close to the edge as possible and ironed the whole thing for 2 seconds on each part. Then I let it cool for 10 seconds, pulled off the paper, folded it over as neatly as I could and held down the iron for 6 seconds on each part (a heavier fabric would be 8 seconds according the packaging). Here’s the first hem:

Two sides hemmed (the corners don’t match perfectly, but it will go under the mattress so no one will know mwahahahah!! Except you guys so keep it on the DL):

All three panels hemmed on all four sides!!!

On YHL, Sherry connected the three sides by leaving the two sides of the front panel un-hemmed since she would just iron them on to the sides of the smaller panels. Aiden’s crib can’t fit a skirt that is attached on all sides, it needs to have slits (it’s a sexy crib) so I just left the three panels unattached.

All that’s left is to velcro it to the crib under the mattress. That means we can easily take it off to wash, by all accounts the iron-on hem tape is totally durable and washable, and we can change it up if we want to!

We have to pick up the velcro, but rest assured I will post the final product once we do!

Have you ever attempted a no-sew crib skirt or bed skirt of any kind? Heck any no-sew project? I’ve always kept those projects in the back of my mind like “yeah, I can do that”, but I never actually tried so it was scary when it came down to it. But I did it! And that means so can you and I’d love to hear about it if you do!

Thank you, as always, for stopping by!

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