Honest to Blog: the Crib Skirt Finale

To be completely honest, this whole process dealt one to my ego. However, the epic fail eventually led to success, so keep reading!

I was so proud of myself for making the faux crib skirt- for coming up with the idea of using the flat sheet, figuring out what I needed to do, and doing it. Once I had everything measured, marked (could not follow pattern as it is not straight, arrrggghhh), cut, and iron-hemmed, I thought we were good to go.

We got the velcro and yesterday we went for it.

I would like to say that I lined up both sides of the squares of velcro first (and that I vacuumed before that last picture), but I cannot. We did the second time and I would definitely advise going that route. We also attempted this while Aiden was awake and wanted to help and I would definitely advise not going that route.

We held up the material, pulled it so it was straight and put the first pieces of velcro on the crib and the sheet

…can you tell this wasn’t working?

Well, it turns out that I measured incorrectly. Technically, the measurements were correct, but I thought I would save myself time and effort by cutting from the corner of the sheet and having two sides already professionally hemmed and I forgot to take that into consideration. So it was too long and too wide.

And for the record, I ironed that baby like ten times and it gets creased when you breathe on it. Maybe that’s why crib skirts aren’t made of flat sheets…

Anyway, add to that that I have no experience marking and cutting fabric and it turns out it was too wonky to even pretend that it was a remotely even hem. Cue my ego deflating with an unattractive noise.

So, back to measuring and cutting and ironing (Tuvia double checked the measuring this time, I want to be all independent but what would I do without this man?)

This time, we put the velcro (both sides lined up first ;)) on the outside

and instead of connecting it to the bars underneath the mattress (because of all the excess material), we just connected it to the flat part at the bottom of the slats.


Just to show how much of a difference there is, here it is with the lights on and window shades closed:







And here it is in natural light:


So there you have it! Rather, there we have it. Again I promise I ironed, I just can’t keep this baby crease-free. I don’t even know how long this is staying here with the new baby coming and all, but I think Aiden deserves to have his room finished before that happens (at which point it will be a new free-for-all!!! Just kidding, we’ll make a few changes, but it will most likely stay mainly the same)

Have you ever had a project with highs and lows? Where you thought you couldn’t do something only to prove yourself wrong by doing it? Only to prove yourself wrong again by doing it wrong? Only to prove yourself wrong yet again by fixing it?


9 thoughts on “Honest to Blog: the Crib Skirt Finale

    • Was I supposed to? It looks beautiful right after I steamed it, but when I picked it up suuuuuper carefully to bring it to Aiden’s room, it got all faklempt again

  1. “Have I ever had a project with high’s and low’s?” Hmmm… let’s see… almost ALL of them! 🙂 Truth be told… many of my early sewing projects included tears, yelling and occasionally wanting to throw things. I’ve snapped needles in my machine and I’ve broken drill bits… good times!!

    You’re skirt looks beautiful and in time the wrinkles should relax more with the fabric hanging from the crib. And your man is a definite keeper to offer you such encouragement and help. You guys make a great team!

    • First of all, you always have the NICEST comments and I really appreciate them.
      Second, I’m dying to learn to sew but it seems so scary! Super props to you on your sewing projects. I’m so impressed with people who can reupholster

      • Ha!! Thank you for YOUR kind words!

        You can totally sew… just start small, like pillows; they are the easiest. I actually started with the book “Sewing for Dummies” and it helped me a ton. But true confessions time: I can’t sew clothing. Super intimidated by it. 🙂

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