Seven Things About Me Award (!!!)

The wonderful Alex at NorthofSeven nominated me for a “Seven Things About Me Award”!

Thank you, thank you fellow blogger who has made me laugh and cry (again, I’m gonna have to reference the hormone surge). I love her blog because while there are katrillions (probably) of home or DIY bloggers, I find her to be extremely relatable and so refreshingly honest. And she appreciates a good IKEA piece of furniture. Go see what she does (I especially recommend the rainbow party series) and wish that you were her friend.

So, here are the rules of the game:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
2. Share seven things about yourself.
3. Nominate other bloggers you think deserve the award and post on their blog to let them know they have been nominated.

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you

See above and for good measure so she knows I mean it: THANK YOU!!!!!

2. Share seven things about yourself

1. I have a tendency to clean up in Starbucks. If someone leaves some straws out and a bit of their spilled coffee, without even thinking I just clean it up. But if you’ve seen my room lately, you would know that I leave that mess for the magical elves that I know will eventually show up if I wait long enough.

2. I use capitals and exclamation points excessively in e-mails and gchats, but it’s not me yelling at you, it’s me being really excited. And as the hubs puts it, I get excited very easily.

3. I went bungee jumping off the highest bridge in New Zealand when I was sixteen but I’m terrified of heights.

4. Sometimes I think I want to move to a little town in the Italian countryside and open a small cafe/art gallery/bookstore

5. I have very strong opinions on parenting because it is one of the most important things in the world to me. Tuvia and I talk about every decision we make- we research, talk to people, and most importantly, talk to each other to figure out what we think is best for Aiden at that stage. I try my very hardest not to enforce my opinions on others and to be open to other ways of parenting, but really? You’re gonna let your kid take the Thomas out of the box at Barnes & Noble, throw around a bunch of books and then leave?? (It may have bothered me less if he didn’t also grab a book from Aiden’s hands)

6. Recently, I have come to terms  am trying to come to terms with the fact that I really do like things the way I like them. I like my sandwiches totally covered to all of the edges in whatever spread I choose. I like some things on some shelves and not on others. And if my name is on something like a party or group project, I reallllly like to be in charge.

7. I think errands, cleaning, and organizing are genuinely fun activities (when I have energy…i.e. pre-pregnancy)

3. Nominate other bloggers you think deserve the award

I’m going to follow North of Seven’s example and post what first caught my eye or brought me to a specific blog (unless I don’t remember):

the sweetest digs is one I’ve only recently discovered due to her redo featured on Young House Love, but I’m SUCH a fan already

Storypiece– this pinterest challenge post is what brought me to Storypiece. Her posts are full of pictures and thoughtful writing and she seems like one of the most genuinely nice bloggers ever.

the handmade home– I don’t remember which post first caught my eye, but this was a recent one and is a good example of why I love her blog. It’s like having a conversation with a polished, talented friend who makes you laugh.

kinderpendent– how genius slash hilarious is this quote book? Check out her other crafts, they’re always thoughtful.

Bliss– I can’t remember how I found my way here, I think the home tour, which I highly recommend you go check out.

Kate’s Creative Space– her kitchen renovation is INSPIRED

Eat.Sleep.MAKE. doable and beautiful DIYs and I love that they are sister-in-law! I happen to have fab SILs (and a sister) also, so I’m a little jealous.

4 thoughts on “Seven Things About Me Award (!!!)

    • My pleasure! I’m fortunate enough to have a great sister AND four SILs and secretly think we should all get together to create one superblog. If we do, I’ll totally credit you guys for the idea.

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