Products I Love: Laura Mercier Moisturizer

I’ve been having a hard time writing posts lately. Tuvia assures me that it is pregnancy-related and that I used to have energy, but it’s like life before Aiden, I just can’t remember it even though I know it must have happened.

Anyway, it’s a good chance to start a section I’ve been wanting to do on my favorite products. I love hearing endorsements from people who actually use a product and aren’t paid to say it’s good, so that’s what I’m going to do for things that we use and love. Or in this case, something I use and love since as far as I know Tuvia’s never used it… (right Tuv?)

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer 

My friend Shira recommended Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer to me five years ago and I started using it with great results.

I am blessed with clear, soft skin (thanks to my mother), but this smoothes everything out and really creates an easy flawless look. I can’t tell you how many people started complimenting my skin once I started using this. I use it as foundation and with the tint, it’s a huge time saver in the morning when you don’t want to walk out without anything, but don’t have time to “put on your face” as I call it. Tinted moisturizer + mascara = out the door in record time.

A year or two ago, I switched over to the illuminating tinted moisturizer, which is even better in my opinion.

It makes you glow (or so I’ve been told, and this was pre-pregnancy so it wasn’t the extra blood flow).

I definitely recommend both. They’re really lightweight, have SPF (which I do NOT remember to put on otherwise), makes your skin look really smooth and feel really soft. It’s not so cheap, but I use fewer products and find they are worth the extra bucks (the Diorshow mascara too, which btw my mother introduced me to 🙂

As someone who prefers to sleep an extra 15 minutes over having that time to prep and get out the door, this is a must-have.

Do you have a must-have product you use daily? How did you find out about it? Did someone you know tell you or did you read about it in a magazine? 

I hope you enjoyed the first “Products I Love” post!


8 thoughts on “Products I Love: Laura Mercier Moisturizer

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