Easy DIY Coasters

Somehow, in our over four years of marriage, Tuvia and I acquired just one coaster. And it was a mistake. Literally, someone accidentally gave it to us instead of another couple getting married around the same time.

Somewhere in between moving twice we lost it and never replaced it. I saw this tutorial in Living (Martha Stewart’s magazine, as IF you didn’t know already) and since coasters are not something that I care too much about or give much thought to, a cheap easy DIY seemed perfect.

Tuvia picked up these cheap IKEA coasters awhile back.

I went to Michael’s and got some craft paint (which to be honest I had been itching to have an excuse to buy), a cheap mini foam brush, and craft tape. We have frog tape, but it’s really thick so that’s how I rationalized the craft tape purchase.


I started with simple lines. I’m sure there’s a way to make sure they’re even, but I felt eyeballing the craft tape was sufficient.

Once it was dry, I took off the tape and here it was:

I felt like the porous surface (which is super awkward to paint on, by the way) was looking really messy so I went over it a little bit after and like it better now

Next was what I intended to be a chevron pattern (I know, I know, it’s been done a LOT but I totally still love it). I figured I would do criss-cross and then use my X-acto knife to cut out a chevron pattern.


I tried visualizing by making lines over the tape and it was NOT working, the lines were too fat and I didn’t feel like making extra tiny ones and cutting those.

So instead I just painted over it in two colors using the pattern I already had.

When it was done I wasn’t too enamored with it (and it occurred to me that I TOTALLY should’ve done an ombre effect, it would’ve been really cool). So I connected some parts of the lines and did this instead:

Then it was on to the last one. EPIC FAIL

The thought was to do a monogram and I free-handed it. With a clumsy foam brush. On cork. Seriously?

Needless to say it was not working so I turned the “C” in the middle into a circle and painted the edge another color. I “no like it”, but as it was drying Aiden came home from daycare so I left it and will either repaint it, paint the other side, or just be lazy and leave it.


The final products:


The most important thing is that now we have coasters and it was really easy and really cheap. (And that I got to buy the craft paint which I totally want to use on everything…oh, nesting)

Have you ever painted cork before? Or your own coasters? Do you use coasters? I have a feeling we might not even end up using them because we’re just so used to it 🙂







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