Products I Love: Diaper Genie

Warning: this one is about diapers. dirty ones.

This past weekend, I got to hang out with my brother, sister-in-law, and new-ish niece (I am still hungover from all that cheek smushing and kissing). Amidst the baby talk, the topic of diaper disposal came up and I knew what I needed to write about next for “Products I Love”

The Diaper Genie

I love it. I LOVE it. You can easily get away without it- throw your diapers into a regular garbage, throw them right down the chute, use ziplocks etc.

But we love this product. I know it’s a separate purchase so this first reason might not make too much sense, but I cannot make myself use a perfectly good ziplock for every stinky diaper. I just can’t do it. As for our regular garbage, Tuvia takes it out on a regular basis (yup, Tuvia, not me so much), but we don’t fill it as often as we would want to get rid of dirty diapers AND what about those really horrible stinkers you don’t want around? You wanna take out the garbage every time that happens? Or run to the chute? Not so convenient.

Every diaper gets put into the diaper genie and here’s the genius of the product:

1- you don’t smell it once it’s in the genie

2- there’s a pedal so it’s a hands-free solution and…

2- each bag is as big as you make it, so if there’s a particularly unpleasant one, out it goes!

To empty it: you cut the top of the bag, tie a knot at the end, and you’re good to go.

For a new bag: pull the bag to the top and tie it off

It’s super easy, super effective, and super less stinky. They’re also not too bad to look at. All that being said, I wish the refill cartridges were cheaper, but the bottom line is that I am so glad we have it and it’s definitely worth it to us.

Do you have a favorite baby product? Or something you find essential once you have it in your life?


4 thoughts on “Products I Love: Diaper Genie

  1. I had a genie and it was an older model…..and kind of a pain in the Butt for some reason! I ended up going and buying a diaper pail called an “ubbi”…I really like it. One cool thing is I noticed little decorative dots you can buy to add on! Then I thought “okay you can add these dot stickers to any pail”!!! So if you like to make things fit in, ubbi makes all color sticker dots to make the pails match the room! Such a cute idea! I also LOVE lancosh “momma” bottles…I can only find them in one nearby wal mart-not even at baby stores we have! They look like a boobie sort of! And they’re so wide our baby could hold hers at 7 months for all feedings…heaven. They also have a vent in the nipple to prevent gas…but I maintain my favorite thing is they’re shaped like a boob! Lol I have a pic on my blog a couple days ago called prep work if u wanna check them out!

    • Love the decorative sticker idea! So cute! I’ll have to check out those bottles. We used BornFree with Aiden but they were kind of a pain with the millions of parts. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have a diaper genie and haven’t used it in over a year. i very much prefer using sandwich sized ziplocs (8 dollars for a box of 500 at costco.) because it’s so much cheaper than the refill cartridges. Also, don’t you get hit with a crazy stench every time you change the bag? I hated that!

    My favorite baby products are:
    Woven wrap carriers. You can use these from newborn through toddlerhood (and I do) and these make your life so much easier. There’s a bit of a learning curve though. I also love ring slings for smaller babies. I loved my ergo before I knew there were better carriers out there.

    Ju ju be BFF diaper bag. Nothing ever gets lost in this bag. It’s big yet not too big, I love that it has backpack straps AND a shoulder strap, it has stroller clips (separate purchase), machine washable. Oh and the prints are to die for. This was definitely a splurge but one I am so happy I made! (by “I” I obviously mean my mom, as a baby gift for Atara.)

    I actually never found the separate parts of the bornfree bottles to be annoying. I love how those things never ever ever leak. Ever. Not the case with many bottles. Also they are SOLID. Lasted through 2 children with only a change in the nipples.

    I also love NUK pacifiers. No other pacifiers are quite as amazing.

    Another product I really like: cuisinart miniprep food processor. I had a baby bullet, and this mini food processor is about 100x better and easier for making baby food. Plus it comes in so many colors! I bought the turquoise one.

  3. When there’s a really “stenchy” one we throw it out right away so we avoid that open to a stinkbomb thing. Something about having dirty diapers EVEN in ziplocks in our regular garbage just grosses me out, but that might be since we don’t take it out as often as the diaper genie since it’s a much larger can.

    You have to teach me how to use the wraps! I’m gonna try more with baby #2 since I think it will make life a lot easier.

    If we had a dishwasher then I wouldn’t care about all the little pieces you have to put together for the BornFree because otherwise they were wonderful for us, but we both irrationally haaaaate washing dishes.

    Thanks for the other recommendations!

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