Urban Outfitters Home Inspiration

Knowing that I had the 35 week checkup at the doctor this morning, I didn’t bother trying to be productive beforehand and started browsing that time-suck known as the internet.

A glance at the kitchen reminded me that I thought it might be nice to have a little area rug where the sink is, which reminded me that I wanted to get an area rug for the random room both for aesthetics and because it’ll be softer to fall on (3/3 of us do this right now and I have to assume that baby #2 will also).

why yes that is our tiny narrow kitchen and no it is not clean right now and yes I loathe the flooring

the “random room” literally left as-is so no judging until I post it for real (and then you can judge all you want, of course)

Then I started thinking about rugs and how I would really love a large one in our bedroom (we have a project planned for that to keep it super cheap, but a girl can dream). And as I glanced at our closed bedroom door, I thought of that horrible little pineapple light that’s there and how a small purchase of a small light fixture would make a big difference (I said “small” twice to get the point across that things don’t count if you call them “small”).

And so began an hour looking at Urban Outfitters and measuring where I would put things if I had them (and some pinning on Pinterest, obviously)

Beginning with the pineapple light situation. How much nicer would this honeycomb pendant be?

I love that it would bring in just a bit of color, it hangs down so it would be visible and the little gold touches…well let’s just say I’m like a moth and like everything shiny and sparkly. Of course, a blue one might make more sense, but as long as we’re speaking theoretically, I see no problem.

Then I stumbled onto this knob

I’ve been on the lookout for knobs for awhile because I want to switch out the ones on Aiden’s dresser. Those happen to be pulls (handles?) so this wouldn’t work, but how pretty? They would also make me so happy on the kitchen cabinets but they would be completely out of place.

This terrarium would be awesome as a hanging pendant, but I certainly don’t know how to make that happen. Anyone crafty out there who can tackle it and send it my way?

This reclaimed wood chalkboard is wonderful, but for $50 I’m kinda thinking you could find something wonderful at a thrift shop

I love the nod to Dali and think this would be supercute in a kid’s rooom

Also really cute for a nursery or playroom

I can never resist mustache decor…

How perfect is this mobile for a little baby? The colors and shapes are screaming to be appreciated by untainted eyes

I promise I’m not obsessed with babies, I just really like them…and nursery decor…and we have a baby coming. But totally not obsessed. And with all the little animal themed products Urban Outfitters has, it sort of seems like it was made to be in a kids room. So just to recap: not obsessed.

And I must have pinned this smoke detector a bunch of times

And I LOVE this removable wallpaper and am trying to rationalize why it’s absolutely necessary for us to have somewhere in our home. It is, right? If you agree then I think that’s logic enough.


This is just a tiny smattering of the ridiculously large amount of things I was pretending we need in our apartment. Add in the runner I decided would be great in our kitchen (the better to hide that horrible flooring with) and the various curtains and pullbacks we absolutely need, not to mention the little ridiculous things that I would have no clue what to do with if we actually had them and you have the hour I lost!


Rather, the hour you gained because then I posted about my little internet hiatus.

Do you have an online store time-suck that gets you every time? I think Urban gets me more than others sometimes because at least there are things in our price range, as opposed to one of my dream sources, Anthropologie (even though the quality rarely warrants the price). OR any nicer, good quality store.

Can you imagine if Home Goods had everything available to purchase online? Our bank account is probably happier with the way it is now but ….sigh that would be nice.









5 thoughts on “Urban Outfitters Home Inspiration

  1. IKEA – God help me – makes a pretty good replica of that chalkboard. It’s in our kitchen ironically. I alas do not have a store that captures me. I spend way too much time playing catch up on all the blog entries I’ve missed!!!

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