We Have a Name!

Okay, the title might be misleading because it’s not for the baby. It’s for a room. In our apartment.

It’s not even a room.

Our apartment has this small galley kitchen with great cabinet space but almost non-existent counter space. Instead, this potentially wonderful kitchen space was cut in two and it is a considered an “eat-in kitchen”. Couldn’t they have made a huge kitchen with room for a table in it?

The above photos are examples of why I have not posted any more house tour photos- the lighting has been so bad for weeks! I appreciate the reprieve from the sweltering summer, but am dying to get a lot more photos up before baby comes! (Also I only cheated and cleaned a little, so these wouldn’t be the final photos anyway when I intend to cheat a LOT)

Anyway, as people who regularly have used to have guests over for meals (we’ll resume when things get normal post-baby hopefully), that space was not going to cut it for our dining needs. We could squish in a table and chairs and let everyone be all cozy, but we chose to use it for counter space and use the foyer(?) for the dining room instead.

So we have been calling it the “random room” because that’s sort of what it is. It’s a random room instead of a huge kitchen. It has our pots and pans, counters, some dishes, some food, and some Aiden stuff.

Well, after receiving my “Best of the Blogosphere” e-mail from Centsational Girl, I knew we finally had an answer. The first space/project on the list was Simplified Bee‘s kitchen nook reveal. (This is a cruelly stark contrast in photo quality)

I have seen and drooled over it before, but this time it smacked me in the head! We’ll call our random room a kitchen nook! (Please get in my head and imagine balloons, confetti, cheering and celebratory music right now- that’s how excited I am)

I don’t know if “kitchen nook” is entirely accurate but it definitely sounds nicer and rolls off the tongue more easily and I like it so that’s what it is now.

Do you have a room you named to make yourself happier? Do you name your home? When we one day have a home I think we will need to name it. Preferably something ridiculously pompous.

6 thoughts on “We Have a Name!

  1. Love it! Nooks are cozy, romantic and multi-functional! And when Aiden and Segundo outgrow the play kitchen you can put in an upholstered bench under the window for a reading nook!

  2. Oh hello shelving, I recognize you from my living room. That whole space in your kitchen is REALLY well done. Isn’t it insane how long it takes for the weather to cooperate to get a good photo in your house? If not you need an entire lighting crew and photoshop. And it never happens on the days where your house is actually clean either.

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