I got my permit when I was 16 and BAM! ten years later I’ve got my driver’s license!

Joke shamelessly stolen from Friends (three minutes in)

me with my precious piece of paper

You might wonder why it took so long. If so, read on. If not, I will accept your hearty congratulations and see you at the next post 🙂

I got my permit, took some driving courses in high school, left to go to Israel for a year and that was the beginning of the not getting my license.

During the day I was in school and my mother (and her car) didn’t get home until much later. I didn’t practice outside of the driving course and never scheduled my test. I left the country for a year so that wasn’t conducive to getting my license and then when I came home, I wasn’t actually home very often and had no car at my disposal.

me…in the drivers seat..WOOOOOOOOOO

So time went on and I didn’t get my license. And it got scarier and bigger.

When Tuvia and I got married, we lived in Manhattan and rarely had his car (plus driving in the city is notoriously unpleasant).

Fast forward two years: Tuvia and I were a block away from my mother’s house, bringing Aiden back from the hospital, and we were hit by another car. I saw it zooming toward us and it was hands down the most terrified I have ever been in my life. Thank G-d Aiden slept through it and we were all completely fine (can’t say the same for the car).

But it increased my fear tenfold.

We switched seats! I wonder if Aiden is going to “let” me sit in the driver’s seat, he has strict rules

When we moved to Queens, I thought Okay, now I’m going to do it! But it turns out that Queens is terrifying to drive in! Most drivers take traffic signs and signals as suggestions at best, plus with our schedules, we didn’t have much time for driving and with Aiden, it meant we would also have to get a babysitter. I signed up for lessons and had a bad experience.

Then somewhere between graduating and having a baby I knew I had to get my license. I signed up for a new driving school and scheduled my road test. There were a couple bumps along the way. The school wasn’t very organized or reliable, but today I took my road test


I can take a picture near the wheel because now I can be near the wheel! (Gonna fix that manicure, not to worry)

It’s such a huge relief! I don’t have to be stuck at home and once baby is here we can go on errands together! I don’t have to rely on anyone else!

There was one time this past year when Aiden was sick and had to go to the doctor right away and Tuvia was at work and not close by. I was lucky that my brother-in-law was able to bring us there and it really freaked me out about not having my license. And picking Aiden up from daycare! It makes me feel absolutely ridiculous that I can’t do it by myself.

*Sigh of happiness* I don’t have to worry about that again.

Have you had something that you didn’t do right away that just grew and grew?

13 thoughts on “Freedom!!!

  1. Congrats! My kids also have strict rules. If I drive while Shlomo’s in the car, they’ll demand we switch and ask why I’m sitting in Abba’s seat!

    • If your kids say so, I believe them. They’re smarties and teach Aiden important things like which princess to like.
      It’s funny which things get assigned to which parent. One couch is mine, as is any knife, but the vacuum is Tuvs as well as a bathroom. Most things Aiden assigns to himself.

  2. Mazal tov! That’s really great! Everyone that knows me well knows that I only learned how to ride a bike this past summer! I grew up in an apt in Brooklyn and there was no where to keep a bike so I just never learned. As I got older it became scarier but this past summer I decided that I needed to learn before Lilly did and am so happy I did it! Driving is much bigger deal so a big congrats to you! Driving in Queens can be a little nuts just remember to take your time no matter how many people are honking at you!

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