Major Milestones, Major Happy

It’s been almost a full month since I’ve posted anything, but I’m about to make up for it:

Aiden’s little sister, Mia, was born 8 days early on November 8th!

I can’t even begin to compare this birth experience to the last. Okay, that’s not true, I am about to do just that.

(Fair warning: this is a birth story, so if you don’t wanna know the details, skip to the end)

It was wonderful. I was in a pretty cranky mood that day (and had been unfocused, tired, and ready to get her out for two weeks hence no blog posts). We had a doctor’s appointment that morning and the blizzard was starting so we asked the doctor if Tuvia should stay home from work (in New Jersey) just in case and he said “in the .o1% chance that you go into labor tonight, is there someone else who can take you?” The answer was yes and we were satisfied (or UNsatisfied) that we were nowhere near the birth so Tuvia could go.

He came home, made some delicious dinner (which I crankily decided I didn’t want and had a bowl of cereal instead) and we settled in to watch an episode of Castle. We were about halfway through and I wet my pants. As in, my water broke. Sooooo surreal.

Having not had that experience before, I kind of thought “woah that’s a lot of liquid! okay, guess I’m done now” but nope. I don’t know if this was just my experience or if this is how it always is when your water breaks, but as my brother in law put it, I could probably have used a bucket at that point.

We called the doctor and he said to go to the hospital and thank goodness for Tuvia’s brother and sister-in-law who live around the corner, they came over to stay with Aiden so everything could stay as routine as possible. I’m told he didn’t bat an eyelash when they were there instead of us in the morning.

Since there was a blizzard, the streets were covered and deserted. I wasn’t having any contractions yet so the ride to the hospital was calm and beautiful. We listened to some music and let it settle in that we were on the way to meeting our baby! When we got there, we went right up to a private triage room, got a quick check up, answered some questions and then we were brought to the labor and delivery room. It was beeyooooootiful!

Also, it smelled delicious when we walked in and I was all “wow, they make it smell nice for you? how do they know you’ll like this scent? OMG I love this place!” and it turned out it was our wonderful nurse Lisa who smelled so good, not the room. Heh heh, woops. I’m pretty sure it was that beginning which endeared us to her and it was her every move and word that endeared her to us so it was a nice match.

Tuvia was wonderful. He focused me and helped me with breathing and was with me the whole way except when they kicked him out for my epidural (??? we both would’ve preferred he stayed but he wasn’t allowed to ???) I don’t know why I held off on the epidural. I was in pain, but I was breathing well with Tuvia and because it was so much better than the last time, I kind of thought I didn’t need it. It got to the point where I knew I was exhausted and the contractions were just getting more painful and less bearable and since there’s no trophy for not getting one, I asked for the needle (actually I asked for the “noodle” but they figured it out).

Soon after that, I felt the need to push. Ten minutes later, at 2:51 AM, Mia was born at 6 lbs 15 oz and 19 inches.

A lot of stuff seemed to happen then, but my mind is pretty fuzzy on the specifics. What I do know is that it was altogether breathtaking. I was so happy and so tired and so filled with love and contentment. I also got to hold her right away and nurse her almost right away so in a way, it kind of made me feel better about Aiden’s birth. Instead of making it feel “less”, it felt like it was made up for. I’m not sure if I’m explaining it well, but it’s good stuff 🙂

As for Aiden: he went to daycare as usual (still trying to keep it as “normal” as possible) and then Tuvia’s brother and sister-in-law brought him to the hospital and Tuv brought him in. After eyeing the room, he looked at Mia in the bassinet, then realized that newborns don’t do much, spotted some bags and asked for his gifts. Okay, not a bad start…we gave him the gift “from” his sister, a girl baby-doll like he asked for and we were about to ask if he wanted to give his little sister the gift he got for her, but he spotted more bags and asked for his other gifts. I don’t think he knew those were his, but they were so we gave him another one….and he stole Mia’s teddy bear though I don’t think she minded.

Then he was ready to give her his gift, a baby blanket (we wanted him to give her something he would see all the time).

He was pretty tentative, kind of curious, said hello…and then he was done. He didn’t pay attention to her the rest of the time but we were so grateful that he didn’t try and shove her back in my belly.

Can’t say I love how I look in this photo (and it doesn’t even really look like Aiden), but it’s the first of the four of us as a family so here it is

I planned on going home on Friday because I was feeling pretty good and once again we wanted to keep things as normal as possible and to be honest, I just love being home more than anywhere else. Unfortunately I had to stay in the hospital so a neurologist could tell me that I should go see a neurologist about my headaches, but I did have some pretty things to help…

Gorgeous flowers (THANK YOU!!!!) and, of course, Young House Love! Tuvia went home to be with Aiden (another attempt at normalcy) and my mother stayed with me through Saturday night (THANK YOU!!!!)

Aiden came with Tuvia to pick me up and was completely adorable and possessive of Mia (“my baby”) and wanted to do everything (can I hold her? can I push her stroller? can I hold her hand? can she sit with me?)

We went home, put Aiden to bed, and collapsed on the couch.

Over the next couple of days we settled in. Aiden has been either uninterested in Mia or insistent that she be a part of things and we could not ask for anything more.

Reading to my babies

pushing the “Aiden handle”

That was one huge milestone. The other, while small in comparison, is no small deal.

I, Gilit Cooper, drove by myself for the first time and picked up Aiden from daycare.

I was COMPLETELY terrified before, but it turns out (as my sister-in-law told me it would) that driving by yourself comes with a lot less pressure! It felt AMAZING! Our garage is built really ridiculously and there’s a narrow turn to get in or our where you can’t see if someone is coming from the opposite direction and our spot is really awkward to get into, but I was able to navigate my way in and out safely (no one else was hurt either. BONUS!)

When we got home, Aiden asked if we could have a date in the park and I couldn’t think of anything nicer, so I made sure it was okay with the post-partum doula, Karla (I recommend everyone get a Karla. ASAP) and we went to the park.

on a Mommy-Aiden date to the park


It was especially nice because while I was pregnant I had so little energy to run around and play with him the way I wanted to and the park was pretty empty so it felt like it was just ours for those moments and as we walked home hand in hand I thought my heart was going to burst it was all so delicious.


Did the title of the post make anyone else salute? Major Milestones!

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