Fakesgiving/ Thanksgiving

What is it that makes Thanksgiving dinner “Thanksgiving dinner”? Is it the turkey? Stuffing yourself until you resemble a turkey? Being with friends and/or family? The sparkly holiday decor?

This year, we didn’t go to a big family celebration because Mia was just 2 weeks and without any shots, the doctor didn’t think it was a good idea for her to be around so many people (especially people who will love her up and want to hold her).

So we went into the holiday with no expectations other than to keep it low-key. We had brunch and parade-watching with my BIL and SIL from around the corner. (Aiden could not have been more excited and it’s possible he thinks he was actually there)

The four of us (!) went to the park for a small family excursion and on the way back we picked up some leaves to do some holiday crafts. Somewhere along the way we were happily surprised by a text from my sister asking if she could stop by and with the timing of Aiden’s nap, there wouldn’t be enough time for him to make them. Being the arts and crafts dork lover that I am, I found myself playing around with the leaves while Aiden was sleeping.

I covered some gift boxes with tissue paper, threw on some crafts Aiden made in school (and some cookies, of course), and added the leaves to make it Fall/Thanksgiving-like.

I also used one of the many (many, many, many) scribbled drawings that Aiden made and cut out a turkey silhouette. That way I could pretend that I had done the crafts with Aiden. P.S. I recommend writing out a message before the surface is vertical. I imagine that would have made things easier/neater


My mother brought turkey which for some reason I kept insisting that no one actually likes but I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who claims not to like turkey and it was delicious. We put together a mix of easy dishes that we make regularly so they don’t take much thought (like cranberry crunch and pumpkin kugel-which I have no idea how to translate into English) and food from the frozen aisle of the grocery store.

Maybe it was the after-crafts effect, but when it came time to set the table, all of a sudden I found myself missing it all. Not just the big family dinner (that’s obvious), but the fancying it up. I like setting the table with linen and real dishes and coming up with centerpieces. So I gathered the sparkly stuff we had on hand (a gold tablecloth, silver chargers, our fancy dishes, black napkins, glasses, and a gold runner made out of paper from Kate’s Paperie that I got years ago) I threw on the faux floral arrangement (sounds prettier than “fake flowers”) and two glass candlesticks from my mom and it made me feel like our “fakesgiving” was a little more like Thanksgiving.

Between the parade brunch, the low-key family time by ourselves, the little touches of decor and the family that dropped by, it turned out to be one of the nicest Thanksgivings of all. It didn’t hurt that now we have two munchkins to be grateful for 🙂

How was your Thanksgiving? Did you do any crafts or am I the only person that gets a rosy glow from cutting and glue? Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

P.S. Check out my wonderful nephew and nieces and what they can do with a box of old costumes and random paraphernalia 

how does she make this look chic?

LOVE this girl!


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