It’s a New Year, Let’s Get Organized

Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their New Year’s Eve and day. We had family game night, by which I mean that Aiden found Twister and we played according to his rules, which actually ended up being pretty hilarious. Mia didn’t really participate much to Aiden’s chagrin and despite his repeated attempts to cajole her to play. He asked so nicely too “Mia! Can you sit on the red please?” I think he’s still working out what she’s capable of.

New Year’s day, Tuvia’s older brother and his family came for an early lunch with their yummy kids and then his younger brother and SIL joined us for a bit.


Look how much they love each other!

We capped off the day at my sister’s house to play and eat a delicious brinner (brunch for dinner…but of course). Aiden always has the best time there and I always love spending time with my sister and watching my nephew and nieces act like they are my kids aunts and uncle- it’s super cute.



Back to the new year….

As someone who is constantly making resolutions, to do lists, and reorganizing, I never really used this time of year as a time to sit down and reflect.

Maybe it’s because having two kids forces you to slow down and life feels faster than ever (when did they both get so big??). Maybe it’s because I graduated last May knowing there was a baby coming, but not knowing what came next and now I’m at “next”. Or maybe it’s because I’m inching closer to 30 and I always thought that by 30 I would have things figured out. (For the record, I am 26 and fully aware that I am extremely young)

In any case, this year I am reflecting BIG time. I’ve been having a lot of long discussions with the people I am closest to and talking out what it is that I want. I feel closer than ever to figuring that out and most importantly, pursuing it. That’s something that will be ongoing for me privately, but here on the blog, there’s something I will be doing more publicly: the Apartment Therapy January Cure


I have to assume that you all know Apartment Therapy and if you are not familiar with it, then I wish I could have introduced it to you years ago when it was smaller and the comments were nicer. They are running a Cure to help you get your home clean, organized, and into shape. When you sign up, they send you e-mails with an assignment for that day or weekend and if you follow along, then by February 1st, your home should be a heckuva lot closer to where you want it to be. The concept is to start with the bones of your house and the cosmetics can be dealt with more effectively, after.


Today is the first day and the assignment is to make a list of projects. It is explained more fully in this post and you can see the full calendar here.


I do a version of this list ALL the time on my phone, on notepads, in e-mails to Tuvia..etc. I’m a “doer” so as soon as I decide to do something, I like to go out and do it, but that can prevent me from finishing the planning stage. So this time I will be making my plans public and hopefully that will force us to stay on task.

** I am not doing it completely the way they describe it because we are renters and there are only so many bones we are willing to touch in this apartment. Instead of solely focusing on cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering, we are also including cosmetic changes**

Check out IHeart Organizing right this minute if you've never been there before, it is the BEST organizational blog ever.

Check out IHeart Organizing right this minute if you’ve never been there before, it is the BEST organizational blog ever.

Day 1 Assignment:


  • Put up art
  • Put up hooks (we are waiting for two from Anthropologie)
  • Get baskets for gloves/hats/scarves that we use regularly (one per person)
  • Find a place for stroller and accessories (possibly in the closet)
  • Organize closet (coats, seasonal accessories, tools…everything else should be somewhere else)

Dining Room/Foyer

  • Replace side table
  • Do something to protect the top of the dining room table

Kitchen Nook

  • Toy storage that doesn’t look weird with the counter legs (this one is driving me nuts!)
  • Create workspace (tentative goal…possibly in the bedroom)
  • Cafe curtain


  • Cafe curtain
  • Towel storage with easy access
  • Reorganize under sink
  • Sell, donate, or throw out what we don’t use


  • Better storage for bulk buys from Costco
  • Sell or donate small appliances that we don’t use

Master Bedroom

  • Light fixture
  • Art above bed
  • Dresser styling
  • Move out of season clothing to armoire in the hallway
  • Window cover for french door that blocks enough light in the morning
  • Paint or replace mirror (I know this is a sixth bullet, pretend it’s not)


  • Organize out of season clothing in the armoire
  • Go through and throw out old notes and school paraphernalia
  • Make room for crafts storage in bookcase and/or armoire

Linen Closet

  • Organize sheets
  • Donate unused items
  • Throw out old electronics

Aiden/Mia’s Room

  • Put up art
  • Fix hole in wall
  • Move light fixture
  • Small table next to chair
  • Hooks above bench and shelf above dresser

Kid’s Bathroom

  • Storage between bathtub and sink for towels (skinny rolling laundry cart?)

And that’s it! Sigh…I love lists. I’m not kidding, they make me so happy. Everything seems more manageable when it’s all written out. It stresses Tuvia out sometimes to see how much we have to do, but it relaxes me. Then again, my idea of a good time is cleaning and organizing (with the caveat that I’ve slept more than a few hours in a row the night before and no one needs to be held or played with).

Do you have any resolutions? Doing any major cleaning? Do you love lists as much as I do? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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