Working it on the Weekend

The January Cure assignment for Day 3 is a weekend extravaganza: Buy Flowers, Vacuum, Mop, Gather Earth Friendly Cleaners & Use Your Outbox. Did you say that in one breath like I did? Did you just go back and try 😉

The problem with getting an assignment, any assignment, on a Friday is that I am Sabbath-observant. So that gives me limited hours in terms of what I can do before sunset and there is the actual Sabbath preparation to take into consideration.

It was getting down to the wire on Friday afternoon and I hadn’t bought flowers, vacuumed or anything on the chore list. In burst Tuvia with a large bouquet “I will NOT let you fail on the third day!” I love that guy.

It was a fairly large bouquet so I broke it up into three vases.

You can see we didn't bother to clean up the living room before I took this picture. #keepingitreal

You can see we didn’t bother to clean up the living room before I took this picture. #keepingitreal

And this is where I went photo-happy…

IMG_0067 IMG_0068 IMG_0069

The view from the other side...again no cleaning prep

The view from the other side…again no cleaning prep

IMG_0077 IMG_0078 IMG_0079


We put the flowers on our corner table and the rest of the weekend, whenever I saw them, I smiled. And that’s the point. It felt like we were doing something nice for our home. Tuvia used to buy flowers for me every weekend, but we always forgot to change the water or dump the flowers before they got stinky so I opted for fake flowers a faux bouquet instead 😉


This is where the flowers ended up for the weekend

This is where the flowers ended up for the weekend


Regarding the rest of the chores…well it’s Sunday afternoon and I have yet to do the vacuuming and mopping. I know I can finish most of the rooms after Aiden is asleep, but I have to do his room and the hallway before then. I’ll update you tomorrow on whether I succeeded!

The earth-friendly cleaners is another story. We have some Mrs. Meyers, some Method (French Lavender..yummy), and Dapple (a fab baby and eco-friendly cleaner line that I love and highly recommend).


But there are just some things that I don’t trust to be clean without Clorox bleach. Like the kitchen and the bathroom. There’s something about that strong chemical odor that makes me feel like it’s clean and I’m going to stick with it. Hypocritical? Possibly. But I’m okay with a little hypocrisy if it means I feel like the house is clean.

As for the outbox…it is OVERFLOWING! It makes me happy and panics me all at the same time. I’ve been throwing things in there with abandon and it feels great because I know there is way too much in our apartment that is not necessary. I’ve seen the following William Morris quote all over Pinterest and I love it.



That’s my mission for the outbox. It gives me a little anxiety because now we have to do something about the overflowing outbox. But that assignment is for another day 🙂

Is anyone else keeping up with the Cure? Or just generally cleaning? What about flowers? Do you have them in your home? Or are you lazy about throwing them out when the time is right, like us?

4 thoughts on “Working it on the Weekend

  1. You are married to a very sweet man! I haven’t heard about the January Cure… shamefully, I don’t read Apartment Therapy. Apparently I need to because that challenge is a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing.

    Love the flowers!

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